Puppies less than 16 weeks old cannot be placed in apartment complexes as they cannot go out in communal areas until about 10 days after their last vaccine at 16 weeks.

Hi everyone I'm Nyx! I am a 4.5-pound, 11-week-old Terrier mix little girl. I have heard that sometimes you humans wear your heart on your sleeve. Well, no one bought me a shirt so I have to wear my heart on my side — look at that cute little black heart-shaped spot on my side! And it is the cutest thing, if I do say so myself. The rest of me is pretty adorable too! I am a very playful girl. Right now I live with a couple senior dogs who don't like to play, so I would love to have another little young dog to play with me. I am also happy to play with you, or sometimes I like to just lie in my bed and play with my squeaky toy. I love my squeaky toy!

I am a healthy little girl and eat all my food at all my meals. I also sleep quietly all night by myself in my indoor xpen. If you need to put me in there when you're not home, just leave me toys, water, and a soft cushy bed and I will nap and entertain myself till you get back, as long as it's not for too long. But, no puppy is perfect, and my foster mom says I'm not doing as well with my potty training as she would like. I will potty outside when you take me, but sometimes I make you wait a while before I go. If I'm not outside when I need to go, I have accidents in the house. I am a smart little thing, so I know I'll get better, but you're going to have to be very patient with me. My potty training is a work in progress, so if I come live with you, you have to remember that I am just a puppy and it's your job to teach me to potty outside. This means I will need to live with someone who is home most of the day and can keep working with me. But really, after you see my cute little face and get to know my funny, sweet personality, you're not going to want to leave me anyway! If there are any children in the home they should be over 8 years old and remember I am a Terrier mix puppy so I am going to be very busy and active and will not be a couch potato!

So if you think you might have the right home for me – someone home quite a bit and wants a busy active girl — let my friends at SBRET know!! My adoption fee is $175. Hope to see you soon!