Olivia Rose’s Requirements:
- Adult home or children over 12
- Someone retired or home part of the day
- Someone experienced with giving eye medication as she is not very cooperative
- Best with calm dogs or can be only dog
- No Crates. Sleeps w/her person in bed at night. OK in X-Pen or gated when left for a few hours
- No apartments as she can be barky

Hello All! My name is Olivia Rose. I’m a lovable, white, female Maltese mix. I’m 6 years old and at my last weigh-in I was 7.5 pounds. I’m very much a lap dog and a bit on the needy side. I love attention from my humans. At this point, I don’t play with other dogs or toys.

My original mom could no longer care for me, so I was passed around to different family members. None seemed to want or love me, or give me the care I needed. Ultimately, I was dropped off at the shelter, but thankfully SBRET rescued me. I’ve been with my foster mom and dad for a few weeks and feel loved again. By the time I got here though, my nails were very long and my hair so matted that it had to be shaved off when I was under anesthesia for my spay, chip, and dental. I was also found to be blind in my right eye due to a past untreated eye infection. That eye might always be a little smaller than the left too. My left eye sees well, but neither my right or left produces enough tears. Because of that, I will need to be given two different eye drops 2x a day for the rest of my life. I need someone who is experienced with giving eye medication as I am not very cooperative with that. I had a horrible large abscess on the right side of my face too. The vet said that was due to a bad tooth. After given meds and a dental though, the abscess went away. Nine teeth were removed, but no worries, I have lots left. :) I won’t eat dry kibble, but I do love FreshPet which I eat 3 times a day.

I’m proud to say I’ve had no potty accidents in my foster parent’s home. They are not sure how I’d do if not taken out every few hours though. I do well at walking and pottying on a leash, so no fenced yard needed, but I would need multiple potty walks each day and then one before bedtime at night. I don’t like crates, so if you need to leave me for a few hours, I do better if free, gated, or left in an an X-Pen. At night, I want to snuggle in the big bed next to my person. I do OK on car rides, but again, I get anxious when crated.

I need a home where someone is home at least part of the day, and able to give me lots of love and attention. It may take me a day or so to warm up to you. Children are OK if over 12 years old. I’m not always the best with other dogs, so I might do better as an only dog. I tend to be barky so no apartments for me. I’m spayed, microchipped and had all appropriate vaccines. I’m also up to date on heartworm and flea protection. If you are looking for a sweet and lovable girl to keep you company, contact SBRET and ask for Olivia Rose. My adoption fee is $175.