My name is Patches. I’m a very sweet 13-pound, 8-year-old female Shih Tzu. I can be independent at times, but I mostly like to snuggle. I spent my whole life in a crate until I could no longer carry puppies, and then I was dumped at a shelter. SBRET rescued me though, so I’m now able to relax and just take care of me. Because I had a bad start to life, I have to work through a few anxieties, but overall I’m a happy girl who loves everyone.

When first rescued, my eyes had issues. Meds helped, but my left eye will probably always need medication for dry eye. Due to aging, I also have some cloudiness in both eyes that affect my vision slightly. My back right knee was not good either when coming to SBRET, so the vet thought it best to repair it. I’m recovering from that surgery now and doing well.

Before being rescued, I don’t think I’d ever felt grass. It scared me! Loud noises like the vacuum or my foster mom dropping her phone still make me jump. I also had to learn to walk on a leash. I now enjoy walks, but I can’t go far and still get nervous when it’s dark. When taken outside to potty every 2-3 hours I do well, but I am slow to do my business so patience is needed; and because of my years of being only in a crate, continued positive reinforcement is necessary. Since I can be a scared little girl at times, a forever home with a secure fenced yard is needed.

I deal with some separation anxiety, so I need my forever person to be home a good part of the day. A retired person or someone who works from home would be best. I do better if in a gated area of the house when left alone for a few hours during the day. At night, sleeping in bed with you would be great, but I sleep like a baby in my metal crate if I know you are nearby. Another smallish, older, dog like myself would be nice for a buddy, but one with a lot of energy would not be a good fit for me. I haven't yet figured out how to play, and I mostly like to cuddle and sleep. If you are a traveler, that works for me. I am good in a car. I’m wanting someone who will give me belly rubs and lots of love. With that kind of affection, along with patience and time, my anxieties may fade, but I’ve had them a long time so they may not. I need my forever person to love me no matter what. I would do best in an adult only home or one with children over 12 years old. If you think a sweet, lovable girl like me could bring joy to your life, contact SBRET and ask for Patches. I have been spayed and microchipped, and I’m up to date with my vaccinations and on heart worm and flea prevention. My adoption fee is $175.