Peachie here! I am a 2-year old, 6-pound female Brussels Griffon (we think!) mix. I know, I know--I have the cutest little funny monkey face ever--or so I have been told. I have silly, crazy hair that never stays in place no matter how many times my foster mom brushes it--one quick shake and I am back to the bed-head messy look. But hey, I have heard that is a popular style! Now before you think I am just the perfect little dog for you, my foster mom wants to tell you a bit about me:

Peachie is working hard on her housetraining which means I am working hard on her housetraining and taking her outside every 2-3 hours. She does not have a clue about pee pads so she is a "potty outside" girl unless she has to go and you are not there and then she is a "potty inside" girl right in the middle of your floor! She is getting better but there will be accidents I promise! Peachie also suffers from a bit of separation anxiety - she and I are also working hard on that. She is getting better but we do not totally have that under control. She would not do well with someone who works full-time as working on separation anxiety in small spurts is best, and she really needs someone there to help her get this housetraining thing nailed down too.

Peachie gets along great with other small dogs and needs a small dog buddy in the house as I don't think she would do well at all as an only dog. She has not really played with toys or with the other dogs but I think she eventually will. She will cuddle up in a bed with one of the other small dogs. She will do best with a fenced yard since she goes out multiple times a day. She is excellent at coming back to you as in her heart of hearts she never wants to be away from you! Peachie sleeps quiet as a mouse in a crate beside my bed but that took a couple nights--she has it down perfectly now. I really think this should be continued in her forever home to encourage her independence--you don't want her to think she can never, ever be alone for a minute.

So...Peachie here taking back over now that my foster mom has given you the low down on me! I would love to get settled in my forever home very soon so after you read all my deep, dark secrets my foster mom shared (well not so dark or secret) and if you think you have the right home for me, get in touch with the folks at SBRET! I have been spayed, micro-chipped, and up-to-date on all vaccines and heartwork preventatives. My adoption fee is $175.