My name is Pebbles. I am an 8-pound, 9-year-old white, gentle, shy female Chihuahua mix. I spent most of my life with the same person so it takes me a while to trust other humans completely. I don’t have much to say unless there is something that upsets me – I prefer a quiet and calm atmosphere. I really like to be in my crate, if things get a little busy around the house that’s where you’ll find me (it’s my safe place). I sleep quietly there during the night and whenever my foster mom has to leave the house - the rest of the time she leaves the crate door open so I can nap there if I chose to. But I must say I really like to be next to my person on the couch whenever possible. I will need your help getting up there. I have strong legs even though I can’t jump that high. When I try to jump up my foster mom gives me a little boost on my backside and I’m there until you want me to get down. I enjoy car rides - whenever my foster mom heads for the car I want to go with her.

If you have a fenced yard I really like to explore, if not that’s ok - I do pretty well on a leash as long as I have a harness on. I really don’t like anything near my face. Speaking of that – I get along in the same house with other small dogs; however, I don’t like them near my face - it upsets me and I will make sure I let them know it. So I would do just fine as an only dog or maybe one other calm small dog in the house. I get a little nervous at times – my foster mom tells me I need a calm, quiet, adult home or one with children 12 years and older. I haven’t been around children or cats since I’ve been in my foster home- -I would probably ignore cats but we don’t know for sure.

I’m a champ when it comes to going potty outside. I will use a pee-pad but only if I have to – I really prefer the great outdoors. I recently had my dental and they removed 4 teeth and I had a bad infection that they treated and things are great now. I’m spayed, microchipped and up-to-date on all my vaccines, flea and heartworm preventive. If you have a calm, patient adult forever home that needs a companion like me or if you have any questions, contact my friends at and fill out your application and then we can meet up. My adoption fee is $100.