Petey's Requirements:
- Active adult-only (no children) dog-savvy home with someone who enjoys exercising and training their dog
- Someone home part of the day
- No apartments — I can be vocal
- Only dog home
- Willing to complete a training session with an SBRET recommended trainer

Hi! I’m Petey, I am 4 years old and am a 10-pound male Miniature Poodle. You may have recently seen my brother, Harley. We are littermates and were surrendered to Rescue when our family could no longer take care of us. We were separated into two different foster homes as we really did not get along that well.

When I first came into rescue I could be a little nippy when you asked me to do something I did not want to do. I have been working with a trainer at and my foster mom to help put that behavior behind me. For the most part I am doing great! I will need continued exercise, socialization, and training to progress on my journey and I promise I am worth it! I am doing well with my house training in my foster home but may have some accidents and need to wear a belly band for a short period of time while I acclimate to my new forever home.

One of my favorite past times is to snuggle on your lap and get pets. I like that so much that I don’t do very well having to share my person and lap time with other dogs. I will be happiest being your one and only! I am also happiest with a consistent schedule so I know what to expect. Things that startle me can sometimes make me want to fall back into my reaction of being nippy because I am scared. And that is why I need someone willing to continue with my training and who is a bit dog-savvy. You should also know that I am a pretty anxious guy and another reason why a predictable schedule and continued training are so important. All of this leads to confidence building and that is something I never had before. I need someone who is home a lot as I really don’t like being by myself. I will need to do a couple of training sessions with (at SBRET’s expense) while I am getting acclimated to my new home.

I get plenty of beauty rest in my kennel at night without making a peep but am still working on being kenneled during the day. I really love to make sure everyone knows I am here and super happy and willing to play when they’re ready, so I may not make neighbors as enthusiastic in an apartment setting, i.e., I can be vocal! Long daily walks on the leash and playtime with you in a fenced yard if you have one would make me very happy.

Because I am a Poodle, I need daily grooming and routine appointments for a professional to trim me up to make me super handsome! I would like to add that I would prefer a certified fear-free groomer because new situations or environments can make me nervous. My foster mom can help you find one if you need that 😀. I am neutered, microchipped, and current on my vaccines and preventions. My adoption fee is $175.