Pet Fest 2005 (10/1/05)

Visitors at SBRET booth

Louise and Zoe

Rhonda came by to visit and pick up Zoe, who she'll be fostering.

Linda and Tinkerbell

Bambi was surrendered by her owner to SBRET and met her new foster mom at this event.

Tinkerbell won the smallest dog contest with Zoe taking second place.

Zoe placed second in the smallest dog contest.

Cassie (former SBRET rescue) takes a break after she and Tara won 3rd place in the owner pet look-a-like contest.

Happy (former SBRET rescue) won a ribbon in the cutest pet contest.

Jasmine taking a break at Pet Fest on Tyrine's door prize!

Jasmine doing her best Smokey impression

Everyone loved Tinkerbell.

Happy & Cassie (both former SBRET rescues) having a reunion

Happy (former SBRET rescue) greeting a Raccoon

The St. Bernard Rescue loved the kiddie pool.

Tinkerbell ready to go Bye-Bye