Señor Pico de Gallo is finally ready for a new adventure: his furever home!

What a trooper he is! He arrived in SBRET care after he was attacked by other dogs but after a lot of lucky vet attention and rehab, he has earned the best end to his former life…a new world where he will be safe!

Describing him as handsome and dashing (well, every day he’s improving) is an understatement. He was classified as a lemon and white Chihuahua, but his foster mom loves to say he looks like peaches and cream. Even his eyes are the lemony-color of sweet peaches. Everyone just swoons over his dimpled ears and poochy-puffy jowls. Weighing in at ~10 pounds and young at heart at 1 year old, oh, he’s a handsome hunk for sure!

His personality will win you over in no time. He loves his people, snoozing on the couch with you, being loved, massaged, doted over, etc., are exactly what he needs and will demand. Needy? Well, sorta. He would love to be in a home with people/dogs (cats are ok too) who are home more than not. And since he is still learning the command “Hush”, an apartment would not be the best place for him unless his forever people are home most of the time.

He is really well crate-trained (at night and while he’s left alone) due to his lengthy rehab. He would love to sleep in bed if you wish, but jumping down from a bed isn’t a good idea for any Chihuahua! Leash training is coming along nicely, but he will need to continue that in his new home. Potty-training is coming along very nicely too, but since he’s been on crate-rest for a lengthy time, he will need a regular potty schedule in order to adapt to his new home. A belly band and some pee pads would be a great idea for his transition to his new home. Riding in a car is a snap for him. A fenced yard would be fabulous, but not a requirement as long as he is walked regularly. He can be a bit growly-sounding with some new people, but considering the trauma he experienced previously, it’s quite understandable. In no time, he’s in love with just about everybody.

You are probably wondering by now about where did this marvelous creature come from? Well, he was surrendered to a shelter due to the injuries he sustained when he was attacked by some bigger dogs. When he arrived at SBRET, he had dog bites on him and a seriously broken leg. His SBRET angels fixed him up with a titanium plate in his leg, doctored his wounds, and sent him to a rehab foster home. He was an absolute angel while he was on crate-rest for a very long time. His new home will need to monitor his activity level and use good judgment about what he can do and can not do for a while. A home with children over 12 years old is a good idea even though his leg is in good shape. We sure don’t want him to go through rehab again.

The legend of his adventures will soon be all that remains of his former life on the run. Neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, heartworm/ flea prevention, microchipped, healthy, happy, make him a real bargain at $175. Contact SBRET if you want a bit of sweet and spicy Pico de Gallo in your life!