Hi, I'm Pink. I think I'm about 8 years old and am a Poodle Maltese mix. So, let's jump right into the bad news.... I am blind. The eye doctor says it is probably caused by progressive retinal atrophy which is a genetic condition that is common in breeds like mine. But here is the good news... I don't let it bother me at all. I settled into my foster home very well and I'm learning the lay of the house. As long as furniture doesn't get moved around I should know it like the back of my paw in no time. I also do fine with the other dogs at my foster home but I do occasionally run into them because unlike the furniture, they don't stay in one spot! They don't seem to mind though.

I really love my foster mom and foster dad is okay too. Right now my favorite activity is hanging out on the sofa with my foster mom and giving her lots and lots of kisses. Okay, sometimes maybe it's too many kisses but I just want to let her know how much I love her. I am doing okay on my housetraining but I am getting walked a lot during the day so it is easy. I do need a very secure fenced yard or someone willing to walk me on a leash because I won't be able to find my way home if I wander away. I also don't think I would do well with small children as I am sure they could startle me since I can't see them coming, but I think older kids would be fine.

If you would like to make me a part of your family, please fill out an application. I am spayed, microchipped, up-to-date on all my shots, and heartworm and flea prevention. I have had a dental cleaning too. My adoption fee is $175.