Piper here! I am a laid back senior female Shih Tzu mix about 13 years old and 16 pounds. My favorite pastime is relaxing, oh and eating! I'm not real active but I do get excited when my foster mom comes home and when food is being prepared. Other than that, you will find me napping in my bed.

I cannot see well, I can make my way around a house and see shadows but get startled very easily if someone comes up to me without me seeing or hearing them. I do need an eye ointment daily to keep my beautiful eyes lubricated which will be life long but other than that I'm low maintenance. My hearing may not be top notch either, but that's overrated!!

I ride well in a car, tolerate being groomed, and walk well on a leash. I'm not a big fan of a crate, but you will find that is not needed. House training is a breeze, I do great if I may toot my own horn! I get along well with other dogs but not really interested in playing. If you would like a sweet, laid back companion, check me out! I will be best for an adult home since I have vision and hearing loss. My adoption fee is $100.