Rascal needs:
- An adult home or one with children 12 years old and older
- To be the only dog in his forever home
- Someone home part of the day
- Fenced yard
- No apartments

My name is Rascal. I am a handsome 1-year-old, male 10-pound Shih Tzu mix. I came from a past where I was with a lot of dogs and it was a very chaotic environment. Even though I was previously with a lot of dogs I will need to be an only dog as I appointed myself to be in charge and will try to start scuffles with other dogs. I love humans — I have loved everyone I have met! I am a sweet little boy who loves to give you a kiss and sit next to you on the sofa but am not a big cuddler. I sleep great in a crate at night and if you need to run errands during the day I will hang in my crate with no accidents. I am not housetrained just yet but am doing well. I should have someone home part of the day to help me with my housetraining. Even though I am young, I am a calm boy who may play with toys but just wants human love more than anything in life. I love car rides and do great on a walk unless we encounter other dogs and then I am not so great. So a fenced yard for calm potty breaks and play time is necessary. I have a sharp nose and like to be a little hunter so let’s just assume I may not do well with a cat in the house. I don’t mind going outside in the rain to do my duties. If I see or hear something out the window like a car or a leaf or a squirrel I will probably bark so no apartments please. If you are a Shih Tzu lover and have experience with a little dog who thinks he should be in charge, I am your boy! I will require professional grooming every 6 to 7 weeks. I was just neutered and am current on vaccines and flea and heartworm prevention. My adoption fee is $175.