Breed: TN Brown Dog ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Terrier Mix)
Age:11 months
Size:18 pounds
Requirements: Fenced yard, active family, older kids ok
Adoption Fee: $175

Red Rover, Red Rover send the FUN on over! Red Rover found himself at the shelter as a stray. My guess is, he thought his old home was BOOOORRRRING and he left to find some excitement! So he doesn't find himself looking for a new home again, let's get him one that knows how to have a good time! Red Rover loves running in the yard, playing fetch, chewing bones, squeaking his toys, taking walks, and going hiking! His ideal home will be as active as him. Need a jogging buddy? Hiking and camping friend? He is your guy! He would be fine as an only dog but would also enjoy a doggy friend who likes to play as much as he does. If your pup doesn't want to play, Red Rover will be a pest and will not be a good match. His cat compatibility is unknown but he will probably want to play with one of those too! Oh, did I mention that he is a very active boy? He will happily hike 10 miles and then come home and play lots more!

He loves his foster parents and their friends but he can be a little shy at first. He warms up quickly though and the more people he meets the better he will be at introducing himself to strangers. His foster family lives in the country so he doesn't see many things going on around the neighborhood but when he does he lets you know. So far, he has been fairly good at settling down but he has the potential to be quite noisy if you let him. Red Rover is very excited about living life and will jump and play bite when he gets too enthusiastic. His foster mom is working very hard to correct his behavior and his new family will need to continue his training. Since he is still so bouncy he cannot go to a home with small children.

Red Rover sleeps quietly in a crate next to his foster parents’ bed but he does not care for being left home alone. His foster parents are also trying to teach him that alone time is okay. Of course it has been a bit of a challenge since we are all currently supposed to be staying home! He is in a secure crate when they are gone so he doesn't get into trouble. He is still very much a puppy and forgets what is and isn't okay to chew on sometimes. Red Rover has done great on his house training and hasn't had an accident in his foster home. I think with a good schedule he will continue to be housetrained in his new home.

So, if I haven't mentioned it before, Red Rover is a fun loving, high energy, happy nut who needs someone who can keep up with him!! If you think you are that person his foster mom would love to talk to you! Red Rover is neutered and up to date on all his vaccinations. He is ready to go adventuring with you today! His adoption fee is $175.