Say hello to Roone, a gorgeous Maltese senior! He’s looking for a home where he will be loved and cared for. We think he is at least 12 years old but could be older and he weighs about 12 pounds. Roone is a bit limited in his hearing, vision, and mobility but enjoys wandering around the house searching for his favorite thing - food! We are giving him joint supplements and some pain medication to see if it helps his mobility. He is very mild-mannered and only barks when he’s irritated with his foster mom, like when she’s giving him a bath or is late getting his dinner!

Roone is mostly house-trained but needs to be taken outside on a regular basis to keep him on track. He enjoys being in the yard, wandering and smelling all the smells. He does well on a leash, but because of his age and some mobility issues, we don’t go on walks too often. During the day he’s done well in a crate or having a small area to stay in. At night he sleeps in a dog bed next to his foster mom, and on some occasions will get to sleep on the bed. He sleeps a lot, as most seniors will do – and has the cutest little snore!

We’ve noticed some behaviors that could be early signs of dementia. He will pace some and seem to forget where he is or what he was doing. When he’s unsure of himself, he will lick the air, but stops when he feels better/safer. He cannot manage stairs so will have to carried up and down, so a home with few or no stairs may be best.

Other calm dogs in the home are fine and even though he has been around children and has been ok, a calm adult home would be best due to his vision and mobility issues. He enjoys being petted and gives good kisses, but he’s mostly wanting a place to rest or food.

Roone is looking for a home where he can be loved and accepted the way he is, a very senior dog. He’s up to date on his vaccinations, is microchipped and is on flea and heartworm medication. He will need to be groomed on a regular basis, and combed or brushed to keep his coat mat free. His adoption fee is $100.