Sammy needs: Nice to meet you, my name is Sammy. I’m about 10 years old and a male Chihuahua. I weigh about 8 pounds and I’m a natural blond with beautiful big brown eyes. I’m very laid back and if there is a blanket nearby I’m under it!

I’m on daily medication for Cushing's disease and a chronic cough which I’ll be on for the rest of my life. The medications would run about $35 a month. I take my meds like a good boy and they help me feel better. I was overweight when I came to rescue and I’ve lost about 2 pounds and could stand to lose one more pound. My foster mom is very carefully measuring my food for me so I don’t over eat. I don’t have any teeth so she feeds me soft food and I gobble it right up! There is not one thing wrong with my appetite!

I’m a very sweet boy and get along great with the other dogs here, big and small. The cats here in my foster home are dog-friendly but they kind of bug me! I would be very happy if there aren’t any cats in my forever home. I really love being near my foster mom and she lets me sleep in the big bed with her. I kind of move slow so I wouldn’t be a good pet for kids. I would love a nice quiet home and warm lap and maybe a bit of sun to lie in.

I’m hoping that my forever home is out there looking for me because I’m ready! I was already neutered before I came to rescue. I’m up to date with my vaccinations and heartworm negative. Because I’m a senior my adoption fee is $100. So what do you think? Do you have a little warm spot for me? If you do, give my friends at SBRET a call!