Hello! Scully checking in! I am a male Shih Tzu estimated to be at least 10 years old, and at last weigh-in I was 11.3 pounds. My foster mom says I’m very sweet. I’m hoping for a forever family who is willing to care for and adore an older guy like me. I will pay them back with lots of loyalty and love.

I didn’t have a great life before and was a bit of a mess when SBRET rescued me. My skin was very infected, but an antibiotic and medicated baths improved it greatly. The vet also discovered I had dry eyes, for which I’ll need meds the rest of my life. Going untreated for so long caused a film to develop over my right eye, where there’s also a cataract. I can see some around that, but my left eye is mostly blind from aging. An x-ray also showed an old traumatic injury to my spine, one that could not be repaired. It was feared I could not move much because of this, but I surprised everyone. Though my walk is a little wonky, I get around well enough to do all I need. I’m not a good choice though if you are looking for a dog to walk with you. Jumping is not good for me either, so I need doggy steps in the house near the sofa or wherever I will relax during the day. This way I can get up and down on my own; otherwise, I’ll need help. A one-level home is best. Regular steps can be hard for me. My foster mom usually carries me up and down her porch steps. Even with the smaller doggy steps, I at times find it easier to walk up them sideways or backwards. My foster mom smiles when I do this. She says its part of my charm, and is proud of me for being such a persevering little guy.

On occasion I still mark, but if you get me out every 2-3 hours, or before I roam the floor freely, I do well. I’ve had very few accidents in the last month. I don’t do well pottying on a leash though. Due to the spine issue, I can’t walk far without resting and it can take a little time for me to get into a good position for pooping. Because of this, a securely fenced yard might be best. Plus, one of my favorite things to do on the warmer, sunny days is to lie on the grass while my foster mom sits near by. I do well in a crate or belted in on car rides, so I’d be a good travel buddy. I’m also good crated if you need to leave for a few hours during the day or to sleep in at night. With that said, it’s not my favorite place to be. I’d love it if I could snuggle in bed next to you.

I don’t play with other dogs or toys much, but I sometimes have fun playing with my human. Noise, a lot of movement, and new people can make me anxious, so I’d do best in a quiet, adult only home. I get along great with other dogs, and would be OK with another one if they were older and quiet like me. I have been neutered, microchipped, had a dental, and I’m current on vaccines, as well as heartworm/flea prevention. If you‘d like a sweet little boy to keep you company, contact my friends at SBRET and ask for Scully. My adoption fee is $100.

So to recap, Scully needs:
- a fenced yard
- a quiet adult only home
- a one-level home