VSA ALERT! (Very Special Adopter)

Hello! My name is Shammy (it is short for Shamrock). I am a male, 11 pound, peach colored Maltese/Shih Tzu mix, approximately 12 years old. I was dropped off at a shelter and Small Breed rescued me! I am very friendly and happy. I have a pleasant personality. I get along fine with the other dogs in my foster home. I am an overall really nice guy!

A nice match would be someone that likes to sit with me in a chair. I also enjoy going for rides in the car and I would enjoy being pulled in a comfy wagon or walked in a baby sling or a dog stroller. So, here is the thing: I need someone that loves me as much as I love them. I deserve this. My back legs are weak which makes them wobble and my behind falls over. I went to see the doctors the specialist at the Animal Emergency and Specialty Center and they ran some tests but we do not know why I am a wobbly guy. I may have been like this my entire life or I may not have been. If you are interested in me, my foster Mom can let you know about the medical tests/meds that I had. The result, regardless, is we do not know why I have wobbly, weak legs. I currently take no meds. How do I get around? It really depends on the surface. Outside on the lawn, I can do okay on all 4 legs but I am wobbly. I fall over, get back up and continue on.

I can potty outside. All of my BMs have been outside, so far. I can urinate outside but I also need a belly band for the inside. At night, I stay dry in my crate. Inside, on my foster parent's tile floors, I can walk a small bit. I do the best on rugs. I am still wobbly but I have an easier time pulling myself up if I fall over on a rug. My foster parents have lined up a bunch of rugs on their laminate floors so that I have an easier time. If I want to go someplace in the house where there is no rug, I will pull myself with my front paws and drag my back legs. My foster Mom and Dad applied PawFriction to my paw pads to make it a bit easier for me to move around. It is a paw pad coating system. (You can look it up on Amazon.) It should cost about $35 for 4 applications and I need an application each week. I have been very, very good when my foster Mom/Dad put the coating on my paws. This improved my ability to walk on some non-rug surfaces. My foster mom is also going to try some of the nonslip booties.

When my family goes upstairs or downstairs, they carry me along so that I can be with them. When they go on errands, I lay on the couch in a dog bed and I don't move. When I go outside, they take the belly band off, carry me outside, and once I've done my business, they carry me back inside and put the belly band back on. This is done every two hours during the day.

Now, about my bellyband - I wear a belly band because I am working on my house training. If I don't have a belly band on in the house, I wet on the floors. The bellyband has straps tied to my harness so that it does not fall off when I pull myself along. I stay fairly dry with the belly band on as long as someone brings me outside every 2 hours during the day. I sleep the entire night.

A nice match would be someone that likes to sit with me in a chair. I will need someone home during the day because I need to be brought out every 2 hours. And, because I have some special needs, my foster Mom and Dad feel that someone should be home during the day (minus errands) in case I get myself stuck somewhere or in an odd position that I can't get out of (which has not happened yet in their house).

I have a bark that sounds kind of muffled (not sharp) and I will let you know, with my bark, when it is time to eat or if I want something. I am up to date on my vaccinations, neutered, heart worm negative and I receive monthly heartworm preventative. I am scheduled for a dental and I am microchipped.