Hello! My name is Stella. I‘m a 9-year-old, 7-pound female Yorkie. My foster mom says I’m one of the sweetest girls she knows. I think that’s because my favorite hobby is snuggling next to her and my foster dad. Though my foster mom is not sure of my past, she thinks I was dumped at a shelter by a backyard breeder once I could no longer have puppies. When I first came to her, I was afraid of everything...people, grass, collars, the leash, and all kinds of noises. I’m doing much better now, but still get very anxious with soft dog toys or stuffed animals. I become obsessive and continually hold them in my mouth. This causes a cough due to my collapsing trachea. I sometimes need prescription cough syrup for the trachea issue, but since my foster parents helped me lose 2 pounds, and put away all the soft toys, my cough has almost left completely. The vet says it’s very important though that I keep that weight off.

I had dry, scaly skin when rescued but lots of medicated baths and brushing helped. My skin is much better now. It was also discovered that I had dry eyes, and though meds have taken away the infection, I will probably need prescription eye drops the rest of my life to keep my eyes comfortable. When SBRET rescued me my knees were a mess too. The orthopedic vet recommended double knee surgery, and I’m recovering well from that now. After one more follow-up visit on November 6th, I’ll be released to go to my forever family. I hope by then, one will already be found for me.

My foster parents are very proud of the progress I’ve made with my potty training. When taken outside every 2-3 hours, I do great and have not had an accident in a few weeks. They are not sure how I’d do if left alone longer though, so I need a someone who can be home with me at least part of the day. A person who works from home or who is retired would be perfect. I walk well on a harness and leash; so though a fenced yard would be wonderful, it’s not required. I do love exploring, so daily walks would be nice. At bedtime, I sleep quietly in a crate all night, but would love to share your bed if you are looking for a little girl to snuggle with.

Since I still have anxieties to fast movement and louder noises, it's best if I’m in a quiet home with only adults or those with children 10+ years old. I get along with other small dogs, so another older one to cuddle with when you are gone would be nice, but I’m not one who likes to play and I feel stressed when other dogs try to get me to play with them. I bark at noises, new people, and when I have a need (like when you are fixing my dinner and I want you to hurry), so being in an apartment may not be the best option for me.

I have had a dental, double knee surgery, been spayed, microchipped, and am current on vaccines as well as heartworm/flea prevention. If you are looking for a sweet little girl who will adore you and never tire of cuddling, contact my people at sbret.com and ask for Stella. My adoption fee is $100.