My name is Steve. I am a 6.5-pound, 13-week-old (as of January 14th) male Dachshund/Chihuahua mix. Don’t I have the cutest face! My foster mom says I am a sweet little guy – I love to curl up in her lap when I get tired or in the mornings when I am not quite ready to start the day. I love to play with big dogs, little dogs, and cats. I LOVE toys. My favorite thing to do is take them out of the toy basket one at a time and pile them up in front of me so I can play with all of them. My foster mom laughs at me when I do this – I wish I could tell her I just like having all my toy options laid out in front of me. I eat dry kibble like a big boy and I am working on my potty training. I like to go outside with my foster brothers – I am starting to figure it out but still make mistakes and get distracted sometimes because I would rather be playing. I sleep by myself on a soft bed in a crate next to my foster mom’s bed at night– sometimes my foster brother curls up with me for naps and I really like that but I sleep by myself at night like a big boy. I will need somebody at home part of the day to help me become house-trained and children need to be over eight years old due to my tiny size. I would not mind having another dog or cat playmate! My adoption fee is $175.