Taboo's Requirements:
- Adult home or children over 12
- Someone home part of the day and willing to continue working on my house training
- Someone experienced with a shy dog

Hey there, my name is Taboo. I’m a 4-year-old female Chihuahua mix and I weigh 8 pounds. I came to SBRET as a momma with puppies and now my pups have been weaned and I have been spayed and am ready to get on with my new life. I came from a home with many dogs so I am good with other dogs but I haven’t been around a lot of people and I’m a bit scared around new people. COVID has prevented my foster parents from getting me out and about to experience more of the world and new people. I am a super sweet girl and will probably do well once we are allowed to mingle again. I love hanging out on the sofa with my foster people and I like to snuggle under a blanket with them sometimes too. The Chihuahua in me has taken charge of my potty training. It’s not that I can’t hold it, because I have no trouble holding it in my crate that I sleep well in at night and when my foster parents aren’t home. My foster mom thinks it’s more that I’m not a big fan of the cold or the wet because I will do my business outside every time my foster parents take me out. So, I’m going to need someone who is home part of the day and will work with me on my potty training until I get it right.

I must have been allowed to jump on anything in my previous home because I thought nothing of walking on the back of the sofa and end tables when I first got here but my foster parents have helped me to learn that tables are off limits but I may see what I can get away with in my new home. I was probably fed by my person before coming to SBRET because I want some of everything my foster people eat but they won’t give me any and I’m starting to realize that and will need my new people to enforce this rule too or I could become very annoying with it. My foster parents say I respond really well to verbal corrections and I am learning the new rules. I have not been around children so I don’t know how I would do. My foster family has a dog-savvy kitty and sometimes I will stare at him as he moves around the house, very intensely, but I have never harmed him. I have chased him a time or two though. I ride in the car regularly to go to work with my foster mom and my foster siblings. I am an anxious car rider, but haven’t gotten sick in the car. I have been spayed, microchipped, and am up-to-date on vaccines and heartworm/flea prevention. My adoption fee is $175. So, to sum it up, I’m a snuggle bug and just need some guidance to help me be the best little dog I can be. Are you my furever people?