Hi, my name is Tidbit. I'm a Chihuahua/Terrier mix. I'm 1½-years-old and weigh 12 pounds. Don’t you just love my beautiful brindle coloring? I am a fun little girl and I'm looking for a very special home. I've been doing all sorts of cool stuff in my foster home and hope I can find a new family that likes to do the same kind of things. My favorite activity is playing with my furry foster sister. We wrestle, play tug, and run around the yard! She's a good sport and doesn't mind that I'm pretty bossy when we play. I'm learning to do better though. If I get too annoying my foster mom asks me to calm down. My foster mom also takes me hiking and I think that is the best thing ever!! I'm an amazing hiker! I will go over logs instead of under them because that is way more fun! My longest hike was 9.5 miles and I wasn't tired at all! Well, maybe I took a little nap on the way home... I can't wait to go again and my foster mom can tell you all of the best places to hike with me. I may also be really good at agility but I haven't tried it yet. When we go places I ride quietly in my crate. I also sleep in it next to the bed. I go right in at night. And, drum roll, please... I am house trained!!

Oh, my foster mom says I need to tell you what I need to work on.. I was very under-socialized and am timid around new people. She wants me to learn to be as outgoing with other people as I am with her. I'm even kinda scared of my foster dad. He is really trying to make friends with me but I get overwhelmed and just hide under the table. I will take treats from him and let him pet me if foster mom is holding me. I don't want to be scared and we keep trying. And like any young, active dog I could be a troublemaker if I get bored. I've been good for my foster family but they keep me very busy!

I am looking for a home with a fenced yard, another energetic dog, and an active owner. And I will probably do best in an adult-only home. I have been spayed, up-to-date on all vaccinations and heartworm/flea prevention. My adoption fee is $175.

Check out her video below or see it on YouTube here.