Hello and greetings! My name is Tiny! I am a 4½-pound, female, Chihuahua mix. I am approximately 10 years old and cute as a button! I am the sweetest little girl. I love laps, I use potty pads, I sleep in a crate at night (although I am sure that I would love your bed, too). I listen very well and I just want to please you! My typical day in my foster home is spent with 4 other female small/medium dogs and my foster mom when she isn’t working or running errands. Honestly, I just kind of hang out with the family and love a lap and my snuggly dog bed. I go outside with my foster siblings and I may potty outside but I feel most comfortable using my potty pad. I am still working on house training concerning bowel movements. I would need a home that wouldn’t mind putting a potty pad down because even after I have gone outside with the gang, I may come in and potty on my pad. I walk nicely on a leash. My foster home has a fenced yard and I enjoy this as well. I do need someone able to lift me up onto and off chairs or couches as my foster Mom feels that it is not safe for me to be alone on an elevated surface – I am so tiny that I could get hurt if I ever attempt to jump down. So far, I have waited for her to put me down if I am up on a couch or chair or bed. Also, I am a Chihuahua and I bark at various times. If you are familiar with Chihuahuas then you know what I mean!

I have a history of chronic diarrhea and a history of chronic hair loss. When I came into rescue, I was experiencing diarrhea as well as bald spots on my back and side. I have been rehabilitating with my foster Mom for 3 months and we are cautiously optimistic. As of 7 weeks ago, I am on a prescription diet food. I have had no sign of diarrhea for nearly 7 weeks on my special diet and absolutely not a crumb of any other food whether it is dog or human food. I am on Tylan powder 2x/day (sprinkled on my food). As for my hair loss, a lot of my hair has grown back in! I use a prescription shampoo every 3 days, and I use Betagen (topical prescription spray). I am currently using this spray at further and further intervals. The lesions and pustules that were on my skin have currently healed. I am also currently in the middle of a series of Cytopoint injections (1 per month for 3 months). Cytopoint controls the itching that bothered me terribly when my skin had pustules on it/hair loss. In the future, my foster Mom was told that I may or may not need these injections again. I may or may not need Betagen. It will depend on whether my skin flares up again or not. I look great currently but the future is an unknown since I have had past chronic diarrhea and chronic skin issues. I also walk kind of like I am out of alignment. The previous owner reported that I have been like this for years after a large dog attacked me. The vet took an x-ray and my spine appears normal - it is believed to be a neurological injury and, the vet said, no pain is noticed on palpation of my back. This does not slow me down! I have a grade 1 (on a scale of 1 to 6) heart murmur. My future Mom/Dad will need to ensure that I am able to get proper veterinary care/prescription medications/shampoo, if my chronic illnesses come back. And, they must be able to take the time to give me the proper care that I may require in the future. (It is an unknown - currently under control but I want to ensure that I am adopted into a forever home that can provide for all of my needs, if I have more flare ups in the future.) I am up to date on my vaccinations, heartworm-negative and I receive monthly flea/heartworm preventative. I have had a dental and I am microchipped. My adoption fee is $100.

Love, Tiny