Tiny Tim's Requirements
- Adult only home
- Fenced backyard
- Small dog buddy — not high energy

It is hard not to love my big eyes isn’t it? My name is Tiny Tim. I am a little over 7 pounds, 8 years old, and probably a Chihuahua/Terrier mix but mostly Chihuahua. I am a pretty laid-back little guy and, amazing to my foster mom, she has never heard me bark. I’ll whine on occasion if I want to go outside (which I love doing) or am hungry (which I often am). I am fairly shy but not unfriendly. It will probably take me a while to warm up to a new environment. I think one thing that I’d love to have in my new family is another little dog(s). I am not a player - either with other dogs or toys - but I enjoy their company and going around the yard with them.

I am not overly affectionate but do seek attention and like being with you. One of my favorite things is a deep sided “nest” type bed. I sleep very nicely in a crate with cushy blankets at night. I really do like to wander a bit in my safe fenced yard but, because of my size, my foster mom is always out with me to warn away any big predator birds who might decide I look like a squirrel. I have had just a couple of potty accidents in the house but I am pretty much house-trained as long as you do your part and get me outside several times a day. Mostly it has been because I am not a fan of rainy weather - cold weather doesn’t bother me.

My foster mom is treating me for an ear infection and I don’t much like the ointment she puts in my ears and I will often growl a little. I also might growl when she tries to put a sweater or harness over my head - she is not sure if it is because it hurts my ears or I just don’t like anyone messing around my ears or neck. Of course she gives me a mild verbal correction to let me know that is not acceptable behavior. Because of this, my foster mom thinks I should go to a home without children.

I am up to date on all yearly vaccines; I am on heartworm and flea preventative; I am neutered and microchipped; I’ve even had a dental (lost one molar). My adoption fee is $175.