Tug's Requirements:
- Adult home or one with children over 8
- Fenced yard
- Someone home during day
- No apartments as he can be vocal

Meet Tug!

Tug is a 9-year-old, 7-pound male Maltese/Shih Tzu mix. He came into rescue very underweight but his foster mom is working to put some pounds on him! His fur was very overgrown and matted so he was shaved down to his skivvies! He will be darling as it all grows out, but he will need to be groomed on a regular basis.

Tug was recently neutered, so not marking in the house is going to be a training issue. He’s been wearing a belly band in the house but hopefully marking will start to slow down now that he was recently neutered

Tug is not very sure of himself, so he will need continued work on this. He is fearful to come around corners, through doorways and come to a human. He isn’t sure of all other dogs. If they don’t want him around, he will definitely not come near. Once he’s been around friendly dogs, he’s fine with them. He doesn’t really play with other dogs or toys, but as he has gained weight, he seems to be bouncier and happier, so playing may come soon.

He loves going out and roaming in the fenced yard, he may have spent a lot of time outside in his previous life, so exploring is something he enjoys. He does like to bark when outside, to protect his home from all the noise outside. His bark is what we like to call an “old man bark” and is really pretty funny.

He is okay on a leash but seems worried about things – continued walks will help make him comfortable.

The biggest issue with Tug is that he really craves being with his person. He likes being right up close, practically in a lap constantly. When he is not being held, he will bark his funny bark and just stare at you with those sweet eyes. While working from home, his foster mom will put him in a sling and he’s very happy. This isn’t good in the long run – he needs to be okay on his own! When the family leaves the house, he’s put in a crate and will calm down after a while. With a little patience and positive reinforcement, he will also calm down and will rest in a dog bed instead of wanting to be held.

Tug will need an adult home or one with children over eight years old and someone who is home a lot to work on his house training. At this point he will need a secure fenced yard as that is how he is most comfortable going potty.

Tug had a dental where he lost 5-6 teeth, but he has quite a few left and is getting really good at dry kibble. Tug has a heart murmur but does not have any symptoms and is not on medication but this will need to be monitored by your vet when he goes for his wellness exams. He is up to date on vaccinations, flea and heartworm prevention, and is ready to find a wonderful home. His adoption fee is $100.