Hello! My name is Tulips! I am a petite 6-pound Chihuahua mix girl who is at least 10 years old. My coloring is black and tan with little white tips on my toes and don’t you think I have great eyebrows! My foster mom thinks I’m a "Chorkie" - a Chihuahua and Yorkie mix - because of my long and a little bit wiry coat. My demeanor is very sweet, a little bit stubborn when you call my name and generally pretty quiet. But when I bark you know it’s me, because it’s a big, giant bark! I’m missing quite a few teeth and what you usually can see are my lower canines because they hold up my top lip up a little bit. My foster mom thinks it’s pretty adorable.

My previous owner died and and that’s how I found myself in rescue. When I came to my foster home it appeared that I didn’t know anything about being housetrained. Or maybe I was just confused about where I was because now I seem to have gotten it under control. Occasionally I do have accidents though and may have more accidents when I make a transition to my new home so please be patient with me.

I live in a household where there are four other little dogs and three dog-savvy cats. I don’t really interact with any of them. So that means I could go to a home where I’m the one and only and it’s just you and me. There are a lot of toys laying around but I haven’t shown any interest in them. My favorite past time is to be curled up under a blanket either on the sofa or a dog bed. My other favorite past time is eating! When I first came to my foster home it was obvious to her that I got to eat off of my human’s plate, and that’s not proper behavior here and it took me a little while to learn that! Usually now I just mind my own business and let my foster mom eat in peace! I have learned to sleep in a crate - I didn’t like it much at all but I do pretty good in it now. And I will let you know if I need to get out and go potty. You should also know that I’m a pretty early riser! But when I get to my forever home I should adjust to your schedule. I would not be the best choice for a home with very small children because of my petite size and age.

I’ve been spayed and I had a dental where I lost five teeth. Right now my foster mom is softening my dog food until I heal from my extractions. When I came to rescue I was already missing my upper canines and one of them left a hole, a fistula that was open to my nasal cavity. The veterinarian made a flap with skin to cover and close the fistula. So I’ll have to be watched to make sure that I don’t have any future issues.

Because I’m a senior, my adoption fee is $100. I have had all of my vaccinations, microchipped and I am heartworm-negative and on monthly heartworm prevention. So if you’d like to give a little senior lady a nice warm bed to sleep in, give my friends at Small Breed Rescue a holler.

Love, Tulips 🌷