Hi, my name is Tynslee and I am a 5 pound, 4 year old female Long-Haired Chihuahua. Yes I know I am cute as a button and too adorable for my own good! I am adjusting in my foster home but not every situation is going to work for me. I need a dog buddy but will not do well with a dominant female. I will do best with someone home quite a bit as I am not fond of being left by my human. I will bark or whine when you leave and it will take me quite awhile to settle--no apartments for me as I would not make a great neighbor!

I am potty pad trained and do a good job with that. I will wander and sometimes go potty out in a fenced yard but am most comfortable with potty pads. I will want to follow my person all around the house and if there is another person in the house they will have to work on gaining my trust. I want to bark at the man in my foster home and he is trying to help me with that--I am getting a bit better. When new people come in I will want to bark at them and may take me some time to accept them. So a home with multiple people in it will not be a good fit for me.

If my favorite person goes to another room without me hey guess what? I bark! I sleep in bed with my people and cuddle up all night quiet as a mouse--I do not do well being crated at night! I am a very healthy girl and will love, love you but I need a person willing to help me on my journey of learning to be more confident when left alone.

I may not progress beyond where I am now but my foster mom is trying. I ride ok in a car but am a bit nervous about that. An adult home will be necessary for me and someone who is patient and looking for a furry friend who will not want to leave your side!

So just to recap I need an adult human companion that is home a lot and a home that does not have lots of visitors; a small dog buddy that is not dominant; a home that does not mind pee pads; no apartments or attached condos; and a home that likes a super cuddly bed buddy. My adoption fee is $175.