Support Your Favorite Animal Rescue Organization Just by Walking Your Dog

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play Go to for more info   Walk for a Dog is a FREE app you can download to your phone for Apple or Droid. When you first sign up, you can set up profiles for the dogs you walk, or if you don't have a dog, you can create an imaginary one! Then it will ask to select a rescue to support. You can find us under "Small Breed Rescue of East Tennessee".

Every walk counts, whether it's around the block or a 5 mile hike. (I even run the app when I mow the yard!) For every mile walked, 10 cents is donated to the group you support, SBRET hopefully! The donation money comes from the advertisers on the app. Even if you don't go a mile in one walk, it'll add up.

So don't just take your dog for a walk... take your Walk for a Dog! Go to (or click on the links below or in the image at the left), download the app, and support your favorite rescue organization every time you walk your dog.

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