Breed: Poodle/Shih Tzu Mix
Sex: Male
Age: 2yr
Size: 12lbs
Requirements: Secure 5-foot or taller privacy fenced yard, adult only home, a female caregiver, no crates
Hello! My name is Wick. I am a very handsome Poodle mix. My hair has really started to look amazing since I have been getting good care and love in my Foster home! You see, before I came to SBRET my people didn't care if I was clean, parasite-free, or even loved and socialized. Now I am getting to learn what all of that is like! I will admit that I am going to be a challenge in my new home but that is to be expected since I had such a rough start in life. When I first move in, I will most definitely try to escape! It is ridiculous but it is what I do. Therefore, my new family will have to be committed to keeping me on a leash and secure harness in the fenced yard at first. And about that fence..... A 5' or taller privacy fence would be best but one with vertical slats that I cannot slip through would be okay too. I am a pretty skilled climber so chain link won't do.

Currently I sleep in a dog bed in my Foster parents' bedroom but I can also sleep quietly in a crate as long as I am near my people. I am absolutely not a fan of being left home alone. Having dog buddies in the house helps relieve that anxiety some but I'd really prefer someone who is home a lot. Speaking of dog buddies.... I would love to live with another dog who is confident and will help show me how amazing my new home is. It would be great if they want to play too! I try to play with my current foster siblings but they aren't interested.

I really prefer my Foster mom over the men in my Foster home. That is probably because she is my primary caretaker. I think I can get used to a man too if he really puts in the effort. And I'll tell you a secret... I LOVE FOOD! Oops, did I scream that really loud? I guess I got a bit excited because I do, I really do! If the man in the house really wants to impress me I'm pretty sure if he and I shared some meal times together I might start to come around.

Since I have been with my Foster family I have gotten so much more comfortable. Instead of social distancing by 6 feet I will lay at my Foster mom's feet while she works. This has been a huge step for me. I may never be a lap dog but I promise to put a smile on your face as you help me realize how amazing it is to be in my forever home. ❤

I have been neutered, microchipped, up to date on shots and heartworm/flea prevention. If you think you have the right situation and are looking for a smart, gorgeous happy boy to be your loyal friend, ask about Wick and fill out an application on My adoption fee is $175.