Hello... Wick here! Or as my foster dad calls me... Curly! That's because I have curly, brindle-colored fur - probably from my Poodle heritage.

I am a 2-year-old, 12-pound male Poodle/Shih Tzu mix. I was rescued from a puppy mill and I had to be quarantined when I first came to rescue to make sure I was a healthy boy. During that time, my foster mom discovered that I was very good at jumping over and climbing gates! So my forever home needs to have a VERY SECURE 5 to 6-foot fence and since I am a small dog someone should always be with me when I’m outside. I am jumpy when I hear loud noises and I tend to freak out when I am out on a leash. My forever home needs to be one that is calm so an adult home would be best for me.

I am a flight risk and I am going to take probably a few weeks to really get happy and settle in with you. I would not be a good dog for a first time dog owner or someone who has to get out the door immediately to go to work. I am what rescue calls a “project” dog. I promise you I’m going to be worth it and I am super smart but I am not the guy for everyone. I will need time, consistency and patience. I will be best with someone home during the day to help me with my house training. I am not a fan of crates at all.

I get along very well with the other dogs in my foster home. It would help to have another dog in my forever home to help me learn the ropes. I have not been around cats. My foster mom noticed that I tend to be afraid of men. My foster dad has been giving me treats and I love taking them from him but I am still a little afraid of him so a female caregiver will be required.

I have been neutered, microchipped, up to date on shots and heartworm/flea prevention. If you think you have the right situation and are looking for a smart, gorgeous happy boy to be your loyal friend, ask about Wick and fill out an application on sbret.com. My adoption fee is $175.

So to recap what Wick needs:
- a fenced yard with a 5 to 6-foot SECURE fence
- a quiet/calm adult home
- someone home during the day to help with leash and housetraining
- a female caregiver
- no crates