Puppies less than 16 weeks old cannot be placed in apartment complexes as they cannot go out in communal areas until about 10 days after their last vaccine at 16 weeks.

Hey everyone, I'm Xander! I'm an 10-week-old, 6-pound male Terrier/cuteness mix with a big, healthy dose of TPE (terrier puppy energy)! I love to play and run around in my fenced in backyard. I need some way to burn off all this energy, and since I can't go on walks until I'm 16 weeks old when I am fully vaccinated the backyard is so important to me! I would love to have another dog to play with and to show me the ropes in my new home. Or maybe an active family who wants to play and run around the yard with me! I am great with cats - and I do well with big and small dogs. I sleep in a crate next to my foster mom's bed - I sleep through the night without a peep. I am starting to figure out this outdoor potty business, but I'm a puppy, so there is some work to be done there. In the meantime, I use potty pads in my playpen. I eat all my dry puppy kibble and have a good appetite. Gotta have fuel for all this energy! I am just a smart, funny, goofy little scruffy face that loves to play, but when I get tired, I love to snuggle up in your lap for nap time. I still have my puppy teeth, so I don't think I would do well with small children. That's just the way I play, but I don’t know my teeth are sharp. I will need someone home part of the day and children in the home should be over eight years old.

So that's all about me! If you think you are the right home, hit me up! I would love to meet you! My adoption fee is $175.