Hi, my name is Zoey. I am a 7-pound, 3-year-old, female Long-Haired Chihuahua that needs a special place I can call my home. I had not been socialized growing up and if you know my breed, you know that is not a good thing! I’m a scaredy cat, I admit it. Before you fall madly in love with me, let me tell you the kind of home I need where I will feel safe and continue to learn to be brave.

1) Adult only
2) A patient person with dog experience, preferably an experienced Chihuahua home
3) A secure fenced yard
4) A home that is for the most part quiet, with not a lot of people going in and out and where my owners are home a lot
5) A home where you don’t travel frequently so I can avoid going into a scary boarding facility

When I first came into my foster home, I was so scared I wouldn’t let my foster mom pick me up for three days. If she had pushed the issue I probably would have snapped at her or bitten. As soon as I trusted her, it was as if the sun came out! Within another couple days I learned to trust my foster dad too! I sleep in my crate all night quiet as a mouse. I am doing well with my house training if you are available to take me out every three hours or so. If you do not I will have accidents. I like to follow my foster mom where ever she goes! I have lived with another Chihuahua in the past and there are other small dogs in my foster home and I get along just fine with them. Although I don’t play with the other dogs in my foster home, I would probably do best with at least one other small dog to help show me the ropes.

I have difficulty warming up to anyone but my immediate family. It is always going to take me a while to warm up to new people. I am even a bit worried if my foster mom makes really sudden movements and I love her. So, as you can see there are a lot of wonderful things about me but I will probably never be a social butterfly.

I have been spayed, had a hernia repaired, vaccinated, microchipped, am current on flea and heartworm prevention, and even had a dental. My adoption fee is $175.