Adoption Area: East Tennessee

Annie and Joe need: Hi! My name is Joe and my sidekick here is Annie. We are each about 7 years old. I'm an 8-pound black, tan, and white, part long-haired, Chihuahua and Annie is an 8-pound black and white Chihuahua. Sadly, our owner died, so we are hoping to find someone who would like two very pleasant, easy-going, loving companions, so that we can stay together, since we make such a good team. We both enjoy going for walks, going for car rides, taking naps, and especially giving and receiving affection. In fact, Annie has a funny tendency to flip over on her back a lot as her way of asking for a belly rub. She thinks you can never get too many belly rubs!

I walk very well beside you on a loose leash and Annie also walks pretty well on a leash (she just wanders around a little), so it is not hard for one person to walk us both together. A fenced-in yard is not necessary, but to keep us from gaining weight, and to help Annie lose a little weight, we need to get regular exercise and not too many snacks.

Our foster mom has us sleep together in a crate at night in her bedroom and we are fine with that, though we have jumped up on her bed and asked to sleep there a couple of times. She says we have to wait until we are adopted by someone and then it will be up to them as to whether we are allowed to sleep in the bed with them. We would like that a lot.

We are doing great with our housetraining, though you might want to put a belly band on me for the first week or so as I get used to my new surroundings, to keep me from marking around the house. After we settle in, we almost never have accidents. If you forget to let us out often enough, Annie will typically go on a pee pad and I will start pacing and sniffing around the house restlessly, which is a good cue to you to take us outside. If you take us outside just before we go to bed, we are typically fine all night, though we will need to go outside first thing in the morning.

When it is necessary for us to be left alone in the house for more than a couple of minutes, we do best if kept in a special place designated for these times, so we know what to expect. Our foster mom puts us in the kitchen with high gates on the doorways and a dog bed, water bowls, and pee pad, and we just settle right down and sleep for most of the time. We can do this for up to 4-5 hours and be just fine. If she gives us the run of the house and then leaves for more than a couple of minutes, we frequently start fussing and whining right away until she gets back. We just like to know that if we are alone for a while, it was planned and you will be back after a while.

We have lived with other dogs and cats before, but it depends on how laid back they are as to whether we will likely get along well with them. We don't like to play rough and may get nervous if other animals don't give us space.

We are very good at barking to alert you to someone coming to the door or to unusual sounds outside that might indicate someone is nearby, so it would probably be best for us not to be in an apartment where barking might annoy neighbors. We can also bark a lot at people or animals we see on our walks, but we will stop barking sooner, or even not bark at all on walks, if we know that you do not approve of that, especially if you can remind us to remain calm and to do no barking when you notice us starting to tense up. Our foster mom is very proud of the progress we have made on this. We are good dogs and like to please our people.

We had a recent dental exam. Annie had three teeth removed and I had two teeth removed. Now we are both great at eating our kibble, without any need to soften it with water. Annie has been diagnosed as having a collapsing trachea, but she almost never coughs or wheezes, so it does not seem to be very bad at this time. She does sometimes cough briefly after drinking water, but then so do I occasionally. We have also both been diagnosed as having some slippage in our kneecaps (one of the most common health problems in Chihuahuas, called “luxating patella”). Annie’s knees are Grade 2 and mine are Grade 3. At this point, surgery is not recommended and is another reason to keep our weight down.

I have been neutered and Annie has been spayed. We are both microchipped and up-to-date on our vaccines and flea/heartworm prevention. Our adoption fee together is $250. If you would like a couple of adorable, affectionate companions, get your application approved at Be sure to ask for Annie and Joe.