Adoption Pending :)
Adoption Area: East Tennessee

Annie and Joe need: Hi! My name is Joe and my sidekick here is Annie. We are about 7 years old. I'm an 8-pound male long-haired Chihuahua mix and Annie is an 8-pound female Chihuahua. Sadly, our owner died, so we are hoping to find someone who would like two very pleasant, easy-going, loving companions, so that we can stay together since we make such a good team. We enjoy going for walks, car rides, taking naps, and giving affection. Annie likes to flip over on her back a lot asking for a belly rub. She thinks you can never get too many belly rubs. We sleep great in a crate at night but would make good sleeping companions if that is what you would like!

We are doing great with our housetraining. After we settle in and we are taken out every few hours, we never have accidents. If you forget to let us out often enough, Annie will go on a pee pad and I will start pacing.

We really like being with our humans so it would be nice to have someone home most of the day, but when we need to be left alone while our foster parents run errands, we just sleep on the couch until they get home.

We do well with other small dogs as long as they are not too rowdy. We also would do fine with a laid-back cat. We are very good at barking to alert you to someone coming to the door or to unusual sounds outside, so apartments would not work for us.

Annie has a bit of a collapsing trachea, but she rarely coughs. We also have some slippage in our kneecaps (very common in Chihuahuas, called “luxating patella”). No treatment is needed and it's a good reason to keep our weight down and have daily exercise!

I have been neutered and Annie has been spayed. We are microchipped and up-to-date on our vaccines and flea/heartworm prevention. Our adoption fee together is $250.

If you would like a couple of adorable, affectionate companions, get your application approved at Be sure to ask for Annie and Joe. We are just delightful little companions that a new family will be lucky to have in their home!!!