Adoption Area: Knoxville/East Tennessee

Barney needs: Hello, Barney is my name and being super cute is my game! I am a 7½-pound, 8-10 year old male Long-Haired Chihuahua. Maybe I have just a touch of gremlin mixed in—in case you did not notice I have a cowlick that gives me a mohawk! My foster mom thinks it is awfully adorable and we will just go with what she thinks because she also thinks I am one sweet little guy. She also noticed that I have perfect winged eyeliner!

My foster mom does not know my previous history as I was an unclaimed stray at a rural shelter. I bonded with her and my foster dad pretty quickly. However they did discover when they had company that I can be very barky and can take a while to warm up. In fact I will warm up to that visitor but if they get up and move around I feel like I have to bark at them all over again. No apartments for me and probably not the best choice if you have a lot of company. My foster mom said it was pretty annoying—darn she has a lot of opinions!

I come out of my shell just a little more each week. I will occasionally play with toys and sometimes I get very silly in the fenced backyard and just zip around from one end to the other. It makes my foster mom get a real silly smile on her face when I do that! I get along just fine with the other two small dogs in my foster home but they do not try to play with me and so far I have not tried to engage with them. I am learning to walk on a leash but I’m still a little hesitant with that so patience is still needed. I sleep very quietly at night behind a gate in my own cozy little bed and have no accidents overnight. I had to wear a belly band in my foster home for the first two or three weeks as I wanted to mark. But since my neuter and the past week or so I’m doing much better and I am getting to wander around without a belly band! I may still need a belly band when I transition to my new home for a bit until I get accustomed to things.

I love to sit beside you on the couch or in a chair and love to have my tummy rubbed and my ears rubbed and my back rubbed – well you get the idea—I really love attention! I ride quietly in a crate in the car and will make a good little sidekick for you.

I do have a mild heart murmur and an x-ray was taken of my heart and it is not enlarged. I do not require any medication but this is something that my adoptive family will need to make sure gets checked out when I go to the vet each year. I am an excellent little eater and my family will need to be careful and measure my food so I do not put on any weight. Like many small dogs I have luxating patellas but surgery was not recommended due to my age and heart murmur. Keeping my weight at a good level and not letting me jump off of furniture will help. I am fine with doing two or three steps but I am not good and would not be safe on a full flight of steps.

I was missing several teeth and lost many more during my dental but that does not get in the way of my eating!

Well that is enough about me so look forward to you sending in your application so I can learn all about you! I of course am neutered, up-to-date on my preventions, up-to-date on my vaccines, had a blood panel and had an x-ray of my heart. My adoption fee is $100.