ADOPTION Pending :)
Beauty needs: Hi, my name is Beauty as in Beauty and the Beast. I am a gorgeous female Rat Terrier with maybe a little Jack Russell mix, about three years old and 16 pounds. I found myself at the scary shelter with my two little girls, Mal and Evie, before I was lucky enough to end up in rescue. My puppies are weaned and I’m ready to find my forever family. Foster mom says that I’m a little goofy, whatever that means. I just know that I love to play. I may be 3 years old but in my mind I’m still a puppy. I’m still getting my girlish figure back after I’ve raised my puppies. I want everybody to be my friend. I get along with all my furry and non-furry foster siblings of all sizes. Foster mom says I have a bad habit of jumping the baby gate to eat the cats food but I’m saying he was already done with it and I was just helping clean up his dish. I don’t mind walking on a leash but the car rides still make me a little nervous. I’m sure I’ll get used to that with some practice. I don’t really enjoy a bath and I’m not sure why that has to happen but I’ll put up with it I guess. I really like to sleep with my foster mom and my other furry friends at night so I hope my new family will let me sleep with them. I’m a really good girl at night and sometimes I like to sleep completely under the covers but sometimes I like to share my foster mom’s pillow. Foster mom says that I have a peculiar habit of getting my face super close to her face and just staring at her but what’s weird about that? She says by super close she means as close as I can get without actually touching her and she thinks that’s weird. I say it’s adorably quirky! I am doing well on my housetraining as long as you do your part and get me outside. If you have to leave home for a bit I will stay in an indoor expen and wait until you come home. I have been spayed/microchipped and have had all my vaccines and am current on flea and heartworm prevention. My adoption fee is $175.