I am a dog rescued from a puppy mill where I received no medical care or socialization and was used for breeding purposes. Before you fall in love with my adorable face, please remember that I will have some specific needs in my forever home. I need a secure fenced yard, someone with lots of patience and time during the day to help me with my housetraining and socialization, an adult dog-experienced home. Thank you for reading!

Bidu's Needs: Hi, I’m Bidu (Bee-doo), my name means “new beginning” in Maltese, and that’s just what the folks at SBRET have given me! I am a 5-6ish-year-old, 11-pound, female Maltese. I’m so happy that SBRET rescued me from my puppy mill life, where I spent my entire life in a cage and was forced to have litter after litter. Since I’ve spent my entire life in a cage with little human interaction and surrounded by dogs, I’m going to need someone experienced with puppy mill dogs to continue my journey towards being a house pet.

That being said, my foster parents are thrilled with the progress I’ve made in the short time I have been out of the mill and into their home, since 3/3/22. I have already conquered the most difficult hurdles for puppy mill dogs. Those are potty training, leash walking, crate training and car riding.

That’s right, I’m potty trained as long as you take me out regularly. Quite an accomplishment for a girl who has never had to hold it before in my life! In the morning, after I eat breakfast, I need to immediately go outside so I can poop. When I say immediately, I mean as soon as I finish that last bite or else I will poop in the house. Like many other small dogs, if it’s raining, I won’t poop outside and if I have to go, I’ll just do it inside because, for real, who poops out in the rain?!!

I can walk on a leash and also do my business! Another huge accomplishment for a puppy mill dog. I need to have a harness, not just to keep from slipping out of my collar, but also to keep me from hurting myself if I get scared and panic a little. I have a bit of a quirk when we’re walking. Sometimes, if I’m in front of you and I look behind me, I’ll think you are chasing me and get scared, so I’ll drop back to your heel to stop the chase and keep an eye on you. I’m getting better and better about that because my foster people keep taking me out into the world and showing me it’s not as scary as I think. They have taken me on walks and hikes of up to 3 miles on a regular basis and I really enjoy it. They also take me to places dogs are allowed, like breweries, to expose me to new sights, sounds, smells, people and dogs. We usually go after a walk so I am less stressed. They just put a dog bed on the ground near their feet and I lie in it and take a nap. I’ll admit, I occasionally yell at a passing dog if they come too close and mostly the big ones, but for the most part, I just chill in my bed. My new people will need to continue these things to make sure I keep progressing mentally and emotionally.

My foster people had me completely crate trained at night and when they weren’t home. Here’s the thing, I really like this whole pet thing and I hate being in any kind of cage now, so I started barking loudly and protesting pretty hard when I was in a crate more than an hour or two. I convinced my foster parents to leave me out of the crate at night and when they aren’t home with the other dogs and I’m doing great! This may be weird, but I won’t jump off the sofa, so after I get on the sofa and my foster peeps give me a cookie and leave, I just hang out on the sofa until they get back. So far, no accidents! Yay me! The longest I have been left at home is 6 hours, then someone needs to come home and take me out to go potty. I will bark sometimes when my people leave to let them know I’m here or to protest that they left me at home. For this reason, apartments and condos right now are out for me.

I’m good at riding in the car too! I ride in the car when we go to Greenways to walk or parks to hike. My foster mom also takes me to work with her and her dogs several times a week and that’s a 25 minute trip each way. I get super excited when she puts me in the car, but as soon as the car starts moving, I just lie down in one of the dog beds in the back seat.

My foster people expect that I might do some backsliding on all my progress when I’m placed in a new environment, so I need someone who will have the patience and understanding until I’m comfortable moving forward in my progress.

Sometimes I like to lie with my foster mom, sometimes I like to lie by myself on a dog pillow on the sofa. I’ll be honest, I’m more attached to my foster mom than my foster dad, so I tend to hang with her when she’s home. When my foster mom leaves the room and I can’t go with her or see her, I whine until she gets back, even when my foster dad is still in the room with me. I do not get anxious when she leaves the house and I’m left with my foster dad or both of them leave the house though. I will hang out with my foster dad when my foster mom is not home.

I will guard a lap or my space from animals I think are below me in the pack. I know the 3 dogs that live in my foster home are all above me in rank and I respect them. The new fosters that come through and the cat, I know I am higher in rank and when they jump up where I am, I sometimes growl and lunge, to let them know this is my space but I have never attempted to bite. My foster parents calmly tell me this is unacceptable behavior when I’m on their lap and then place me on the floor.

I really like the liver training treats, you know, for when my new people start training me. I also like a small spoonful of canned food mixed in my kibble before I will eat. I’m learning to enjoy the finer things. My foster people say this is the least they can do to help make up for how my life was the first 6ish years.

Since I have spent my entire life around other dogs, including at my foster home, I will need at least one other small dog in my new home for comfort sake. I do not play with other dogs because I don’t know how, so if you’re looking for a play buddy for your current dog, I’m not your gal. I also have no idea what toys are or what I’m supposed to do with them. Both of these things may or may not change as I transition to the pet lifestyle.

Some loud noises and fast motions scare me, for this reason, I need an adult only home. Sometimes, I voluntarily go outside and up on the sofa when the people leave, but not always so I will need a home where my person is capable of bending over to the floor to pick me up and lift my 11 pounds off the floor to carry me outside to potty or to put me on the sofa when I decide to play the Catch Me If You Can game.

I am up spayed (Yay! No more babies for me!), microchipped, had a dental and am up to date on all my shots and preventives. My adoption fee is $175. Are you the special person I’m waiting for?!!!