Medical Hold
Adoption Area: Knoxville/East Tennessee

Birdie needs: My name is Birdie and I am a 6-pound female Chihuahua, about 10-12 years old (maybe older). I was rescued from a shelter, where I came in as a stray (if only I could talk, I’d tell you my story). I was already missing many teeth and when the vet took a close look, he had to pull every tooth except one! That doesn’t stop me, though: I have a great appetite and love getting treats.

When I went for my checkup the vet noticed that my heart beats very quickly and irregularly. My lungs sound good though, and I don’t require any medication for my heart. I did faint one day, probably due to my heart issue. It scared my foster mom but after a couple of minutes I got up and went on about my business as if nothing had happened. It’s possible I could faint or collapse again, but that can happen sometimes with older dogs who have heart arrhythmia.

The truth is I am a sleepy, hard-of-hearing old lady who loves to curl up like a kitty-cat in a nice soft bed. I have arthritis in both of my knees so don’t expect me to run and play or do a lot of steps. I am house trained and will sometimes bark to go out, so please pay attention. I enjoy short walks outside and long naps during the day. I do well in an indoor expen at night or during the day if you have to be gone. If you put me in a crate, I may bark at first but will eventually settle down. Also, while I’m all about the food and don’t miss a meal, you may need to show me the water bowl from time to time as I sometimes forget to drink.

I get along fine with other dogs, big or small – I just walk around like I own the place and when they get in my way, I let them know with a sharp bark. I love to be petted but am not really a lap dog. Don’t get me wrong: I like to be near you, in the same room, but I don’t love to be picked up or held a lot. I’m just a quirky, feisty girl who needs lots of tender lovin’ care.

I ride well in the car, and I am up to date on my vaccines and heartworm and flea prevention. I’m spayed and microchipped, and my adoption fee is $100.