Adoption Pending :)
Blues' Requirements: Meet Blue! I call him Bleu Berry, Blue Boy, Little Boy Blue or whatever comes out each day. He is an 8-month-old high-energy Yorkie puppy and weighs 8 pounds now but will gain some as he gets older.

Blue is a great little guy! He loves to run outside to chase squirrels and explore the yard. He's curious and fun but being a puppy that means he will still try to chew inappropriate things so you will need to monitor him and offer toys in exchange. He eats his puppy kibble well and loves treats. He sleeps in a dog bed on the floor of the bedroom and has had a few nights in the big bed too.

Blue has been around older gentle children and other dogs and seems to love them all. However if you have another dog it should be at least the same size as Blue or bigger and very tolerant of a puppy that is going to be pesty and want to play! Remember Blue is still a Terrier puppy with sharp teeth and can get underfoot so he will require an active Terrier-experienced home ready for a puppy! He is playful with everyone but is still working on not being mouthy when playing with people. He has not been around cats but would probably chase and pester them.

His housetraining is coming along but needs continued positive reinforcement. Since he is a puppy, he needs to go outside every couple hours to potty. He will need a puppy-experienced family that is home to continue this work.

Blue gets nervous in a moving car. It may be just a temporary thing but on recent drives he drools a lot and has thrown up and pooped. So if you are looking for a traveling pup that is not Blue at the current time and he may never do well in the car.

He has not been crate-trained and because we like our SBRET pups to get used to them he is being introduced to it. It’s going well as long as his foster mom is there but he gets very upset (drooling, pooping etc.) when she is gone for short periods. Training continues. He can stay in a gated area or indoor expen for short periods when you are not home.

Blue is learning to walk on a leash and is doing well. It works off his puppy energy and teaches him to go potty while on the leash. This is going well but will have to be reinforced daily.

Blue is neutered and microchipped and is up to date on his vaccinations and is on flea and heartworm preventative. His adoption fee is $175.