Chloe needs: Hey everyone, meet Chloe! Chloe is an eight-month-old, 7-pound, healthy little female Chihuahua mix. I don't know what she's mixed with, but it's something with very big ears and a shiny black coat! Chloe is a sweet, affectionate, happy little girl. She is playful with other dogs, and absolutely loves people. She does have a lot of energy since she's a puppy, so she would love to have another playful little dog in the house. If not, you should be ready to spend time playing with her. Chloe wants to be in your lap and giving you kisses anytime she can. If you sit down, expect a lap full of Chloe because she will be right there! She's not a big barker and eats all of her dry kibble like a good girl. She would love to sleep with you, but she does not get to do that here so she's okay in her own little bed. Chloe has been crated most of her life for long periods of time, so she absolutely cannot be crated for long periods anymore. She's had enough of that. I have been leaving her in the living room with the other dogs when I have to leave the house and she's doing fine. As long as there are beds and some toys for her to play with she's ok until I get back. I have never left her alone; there have always been other dogs for her to play and cuddle with, so I don't know how she would do if she were left completely alone. She has been potty pad trained, and pottying outside is still new to her, but she is picking it up quickly. She doesn't know what a harness or a leash is, so we're working on that as well. I think she would be a great little hiking dog or camping dog when she gets used to her harness and being on a leash. She is so agreeable and just wants to please you so badly. Really, I think she would be up for anything as long as she is with you. She's what we call a "velcro dog" because she is stuck to my side! I personally don't think that's a bad thing, but if you don't like a clingy dog, she is not the dog for you. She is under-foot so you need to be very sure footed so you don’t accidentally trip over her. She really is just the sweetest little dog with the most beautiful big eyes. And ears! So what do you think? Would this sweet, beautiful girl be a good match for you? If so, go to and fill out an application. Be sure to ask for Chloe! She has been spayed, microchipped, and is up-to-date on all her vaccines. Her adoption fee is $175.