ADOPTION Pending :)
Derek's Needs: My name is Derek, I am a 9-year-old 13.9-pound male, mixed with all of the best pups in the world. Really, we don't know exactly what I am mixed with but a bit of Chihuahua for sure and my foster mom says I am the best pup ever.

The nice people at SBRET pulled me from a shelter after having stayed there for 2 whole weeks! My foster mom says that I am the best boy, I love to play with small stuffies, snuggle up with you, or learn new tricks. I am very friendly, I've never met a stranger. My foster mom has been teaching me tricks so i can stay, leave it, focus, and be easy (I get really excited and chomp food so I will be gentle if you say that). I had no idea how much I love training until now!

I am great at going outside to potty but am working on marking so I'll need to wear belly bands until I learn my home is my forever home and there is no reason for me to make sure everyone knows it. I love taking short walks on a leash and harness but, because I have a collapsing trachea, exercise sessions should be short. I do wonderful in a kennel and will sleep in my kennel all night and while you work or run errands without a peep. In fact, I love my kennel so much I will take my naps there sometimes, just leave the door open for me.

I would be great as an only dog or with a calm fur-sibling. I do not shed much but I love being brushed, I will need to go to a groomer to have my nails trimmed, it would help if you could do some conditioning work with me in between nail trims because it really scares me. You can take me with you on trips too! I love traveling in the car.

I really love to eat so you would need to watch me closely or I will gobble up anything I can find and my foster mom says I still need to lose a pound. Losing another pound and keeping at a good weight will help with the collapsing trachea so it does not cause any further issues. She has me on a "lite" food and I like it a lot.

I recently had a dental and lost one tooth, was neutered and had a couple of benign tumors removed. I had some elevated liver values when I first came into rescue and I was put on a long course of antibiotics and my values were much improved but my bloodwork will need to be rechecked the week of November 15 just to confirm all is well. That recheck can be done by SBRET’s vet at our expense. My adoption fee is $100.