Adoption Pending :)
Adoption Area: Knoxville/East Tennessee

Ella needs: Hi, I’m Ella. I’m a female Shih Tzu mix, and I’m about 8 years old and 13.8 pounds. I was surrendered to an area shelter so there’s not much that’s known about my past. When I arrived, they discovered I had large bladder stones and a cherry eye that required surgery to treat. My friends in rescue have helped me get the medical care I needed for both issues, and now I’m fully recovered. The type of stones that I had are called struvite. To make sure that I never get stones that are very painful and too big to pass again, I must remain on a prescription diet food. Currently, I’m on Royal Canine Urinary S/O which is about $50 per month. I’ll also need a vet to check me regularly so that if any new stones form, they are found quickly when they are small and can be treated with medication rather than surgery. You’ll need to follow the vets recommendation on exam frequency.

I’m playful, love to cuddle with my foster humans and my foster dog siblings, and love attention. But, I can also entertain myself by playing with my stuffed animals, tossing them all around the den. I want a new family who’ll shower me with lots of little plush toys. PS - the plush yellow ducks are my favorites. I also like to play a little fetch.

I came to my foster home not house trained, but I was also recovering from urinary stones. Now that I can manage my bladder without pain, I’m learning to go potty outside. I’m doing very well with my training, but I need to be taken out immediately when I wake up. This is not a suggestion; when I wake up we need to get outside directly! When my foster parents need to leave home, I stay in a gated off room with my foster siblings. They leave several puppy pads down for me. I’m pretty consistent using those, but I do still have accidents. With continued training and patience, I should get better and better.

I walk well on a leash, but I do not like being in a crate. I am getting a bit better at tolerating it. At night, I sleep in my bed on the floor beside the humans' bed, and I sleep there quietly all night. I also do great during car rides. I’m not a big barker, but I will occasionally bark if some interesting creature decides to visit our porch.

I enjoy my foster dog siblings. We cuddle and play together. I would do well in a home with other smaller dog friends. I’m also fine with cats in the limited interactions I’ve had with them during foster care. I could probably do well as an only dog, but only if you are home most of the time. I had a bit of separation anxiety when I first arrived, but I’m doing much better now. My foster siblings help keep me company and I’m learning the ropes. Still, I don’t think being alone for full days will work best for me.

My rescue friends also got my teeth cleaned, cleared up my ear infection, got me spayed, vaccinated, and on heartworm, flea, and tick prevention. They even got me a beauty appointment at the groomer though you’ll need to take me about every 5-6 weeks. My grooming visits costs about $50 each time. Now, I’m ready to meet my caring and loving forever family. My adoption fee is $175.