Adoption Pending :)
Adoption Area: East Tennessee

Ernie needs: Hello, I’d like to introduce myself, my name is Ernie. I am a schnauzer mix, male and working on gaining a little bit of weight as right now I weigh just over 6 pounds and I should weigh around 7 pounds. The vet thinks I’m around 7 years old. I was found as a stray wandering the streets and that was not a good place for me! I was very matted when I first got off the streets and I had to be shaved down. Right now I’m a little bit disheveled with my current “haircut” and my hair is quite short but once it grows out I can go to a groomer and get back in shape again. I will need regular brushings at home and will need to go a professional groomer to keep my coat nice and mat free.

I had a bit of adjustment to make when I came to my foster home. There are other dogs here and at first I came in growly! I didn’t escalate past growling and it lasted a couple days and it was caused by certain triggers. One of my triggers was resource guarding my foster mom‘s lap and every time I growled, my foster mom either removed me from the spot I was guarding, usually her lap and I found myself on the floor or sometimes in my crate! The other trigger is when I’m eating my food as you can imagine since I was starving on the streets I don’t share my food well at all! So the solution for that was for my foster mom to feed me in a crate, I am a very good eater and enjoy my kibble very much! I also did not like to share toys so at first my foster mom picked up every one of them until I got better with sharing. My foster mom says that I will probably regress back to my resource guarding when I go to my new home. I’ll just need a little time to adjust to my new home if there are dogs already in the home. If there are dogs in my new home, they need to be around the same size as me. I am starting to play with the other dogs here in my foster home.

There are also cats here in my foster home which I’m really interested in because they’re really quite curious little creatures. I like to smell them and get in their space (face). One of them told me to back off so I respect him now but I’m still very curious about them. I haven’t tried to hurt them but I bet if they ran, I probably would chase them so scaredy-cats might not be a good roommate for me. I met a little girl around 11 years old and I really liked her a lot. I am a tiny guy and I have long, thin legs so I would be best in a home with older kids just in case I get underfoot. I could easily get hurt. I really like people and I’m very friendly with other people. I ride great in the car and love little trips.

I am working on my potty habits in the house. I was not neutered when I came into foster care, so I started off trying to mark in the house, but my foster mom was prepared and put a bellyband on me. It’s a wide cloth belt held with Velcro with a sanitary napkin inside to wear around my middle so that if I have an accident it is contained. It’s a bit of insurance to keep me honest, and once I prove myself to be better at housetraining, I won’t need to wear it anymore. My foster mom gets me outside frequently and I’m getting the idea of where I need to do all my business.

At night I’ve been sleeping in the big bed and I sleep through the night although sometimes occasionally I do need to get up to go outside to go potty. My foster mom gets me out of bed and out we go. I am not a fan of the crate, except when I eat my meals. Foster mom does leave me in a crate when she goes to the grocery store and runs errands and I am very vocal about my feelings about the crate so I wouldn’t be a good neighbor if you live in an apartment or townhouse. For a little guy, I can be pretty loud and relentless!

I have been neutered and had a dental where I lost 10 teeth. The vet said I’ll need to have someone to care for me that will make sure my remaining teeth stay healthy with regular checkups at the vet. I’m up to date with my vaccinations and heartworm/flea preventives. The kind of home I’m looking for is where there is at least one soft warm lap for me to curl up in and want me to sleep in the big bed. If you think that’s your home, please let my friends at Small Breed Rescue know. My adoption fee is $175.