Adoption Pending :) Dachshund Yorkie Rescue
Adoption Area: East Tennessee

Feather needs: Get along little doggie. Yes, you should get me, I’m a long, little doggie! And I’m just a chubby little bundle of joy. Foster mom calls me Feather and I am a 6 to 8 year-old, female, 12-pound Dachshund/Yorkie mix. When I first came to Small Breed Rescue, I was heartworm positive and had to go through the treatment for that, which meant extended weeks of bed rest. That long period of very little excitement or exercise suited me just fine. I just laid around watching my soaps and eating bon-bons (not really, I might have had a few small treats). Anyway, I went from being a scrawny, practically hairless mess to the pleasantly plump beauty I am now.

I have a very calm and sweet disposition and I get along well with everyone I meet: humans and canines. I’m not big on the great outdoors, though I do enjoy rolling in a sunny patch of grass on occasion. I’m not a great leash walker, but if that is important to you, we could work on that together.

I can sleep quietly in a crate, or I can happily sleep in a great big people bed…I will roll with the flow. My accommodating nature is one of my best qualities.

I do have stage one kidney disease which is currently managed by being on a special medicinal chow that costs about $65 for a bag. But since I only eat about a ½ a cup a day, that bag lasts me well over a month. Your vet will want to keep an eye on that! I also need someone to take me outside every few hours as I just can’t hold it very long. I will try to go on a piddle pad if I must, but I have to warn you, my aim is not the best. Foster mom puts two pads side by side and that usually does the trick.

I have been spayed, I am up to date on my flea, tick, and heartworm prevention, and other than the kidney disease, I have no other medical conditions that I know of. I’m ready for my forever home, are you ready to get along little doggie?? My adoption fee is $175.