Adoption Pending :)
Adoption Area: East Tennessee

Finn needs: Hello, they call me Finn, and that suits me just fine. My foster family called me lots of different names when I first got here, and somehow Finny just stuck. Maybe when you meet me, you’ll think of an even better name for me!

I am an 11-pound, male Yorkie mix with a beautiful mostly grey coat that has gorgeous silver highlights. My paperwork says I am about 8 years old, but you’re only as old as you feel, and I feel and act much younger than that.

I am sweet, affectionate, playful and kind of a Momma’s boy. I’ve got nothing against Foster Dad; but I have always loved the ladies. I especially enjoy lap sitting and being petted and brushed. I get along fine with other small dogs.

I sleep through the night either in my own house (crate) or on a pillow on the big people bed.

Don’t I just sound too good to be true?

To be perfectly honest, I’m not perfect. While I do sleep through the night with no accidents, I am still working on my potty training. Some days are better than others, and foster mom often puts me in a belly band so I don’t mark certain corners of the house. Last month, foster family dragged a tree into the living room!! What’s a boy supposed to do with that kind of temptation?

I’m going to need someone home part of the day to help me with potty training. For the time being, I need weekly medicated baths for a skin condition that is getting much better. I have a condition called dry eye and need medicated drops twice a day and over-the-counter wetting drops three or four times a day. The prescription eyedrops are anywhere from $50-$70 a bottle and will last me probably about a month and a half. I am not fond of my eyedrops, so maybe offering them at the same time as a treat I will be happier about them, and not try to go away from you!! I should not live in an apartment or attached condo since I get lonesome when left alone and I sing a very sad and extremely loud song about it.

I am up to date with all my vaccinations, as well as flea, tick and heartworm prevention. I’ve been neutered and recently had dental work done. And I am ready to find my forever family. My adoption fee is $175.