Fritz needs: Hello, my name is Fritz. I am a 6-pound chihuahua mix with soft golden fur and soulful brown eyes. My foster mom was told that I am about 10 years old but she thinks I don't act like a senior dog at all. I am very perky but am not overly active. I get along well with the other dogs in my foster home, including the grumpy old chihuahua. I have never been around cats but my foster mom thinks I will probably be fine with them because I don't pay much attention to squirrels I see when I got for a walk. Speaking of walks, I enjoy those very much and get very excited when my foster mom picks up the leash and says "Let's go for a walk!"

I love cuddling on the couch with my humans and at night I sleep quietly in a crate next to my foster mom's bed. I don't bark much and when I do, my voice sounds muted. I was marking a lot when I first came into my foster home but have since learned to potty outside as long as I am taken out several times during the day. I walk and potty on a leash so i don't need a fenced yard. I might mark again when I move to a new place until I settle in and figure out the routines. I have a low grade murmur but the vet took an x-ray and said my heart was not enlarged so I don't need medication for it. I also have luxating patellas (slippy knees), a very common condition in small dogs. The vet said I did not need surgery since I can walk just fine. I lost all my teeth when I had a dental but that doesn't keep me from eating my dry kibble mixed with a little soft food. Because of my tiny size, I would do best in an adult home or one with children over 8 years old.

So... if you are looking for a loving cuddle bug and walking companion, I'm your guy! I have been neutered and microchipped, and I am current on heartworm and flea prevention. My adoption fee is $100.