Adoption Area: East Tennessee

Georgia needs: “Hey, Georgia, oh, yeah, Georgia
A song of you
Comes as sweet and clear
As moonlight through the pines.”

You’ve heard Ray Charles sing it, I’m sure!

My name is Georgia. After inspiring great music in my youth (they wrote that song about me, don’t you know), I have found myself again with Small Breed Rescue of East Tennessee. I’m a spayed female Rat Terrier mix with a lot of spark in my 12.8-pound 14-year young body.

I adopted my owner from SBRET 10 years ago. Sadly, she became unable to care for either of us and I’ve come back to SBRET. I was the belle of the assisted living where we lived and had many friends! As befitting my companion role at the retirement home, I’m ROCK-SOLID HOUSE-TRAINED and don’t bark much or any. I may whine if I think my supper is slow in coming or I need to do some potty business. My doctor says I have a soft, collapsing trachea that makes me cough, so I do make a little noise. If you don’t already know it, that is a common problem for smaller old ladies like me. Other than that, I’m a quiet, well-behaved gal who loves to go for short walks on a leash and harness.

While we are talking about my pet life skills, did I mention that I travel quietly in the car with or without a crate? I walk extra well on a leash. I take pills well, get bathed well, and do well with nail care.

I sleep quietly all night long in a cozy crate near the big bed. Foster mom can leave me with the run of the house when she’s away because I’m such a well behaved, experienced pet. I really like the cat who lives here and the small dog also. I’ve visited with some small dogs in the neighborhood and they seem like good neighbors.

I’m heartworm (and all those other ones, too) negative, on flea/tick/heartworm preventative and up to date on vaccinations. My vet says my teeth look pretty good and don’t need attention. When he listened to my heart and lungs with that cold hard thingy, he said I sounded great and completely clear with no murmurs.

I must watch my figure to keep from gaining (and, okay, the doc thinks I could lose an ounce or two) because I have that trachea thingy and I have an old knee injury on the back right. My back left knee has a slight knee cap issue. Doc says as long as I don’t gain weight, I’ll be fine. I eat dry kibble, but I’m gonna need you to measure it for me.

That nice doctor gave me some arthritis kinda pills that I can take if I’m having a sore, stiff day. He also said I could have a pill for my cough if that made me feel better. (Yes, he’s nice. And kinda cute for a human.) Some of my really near vision is blurry, but I see birds at 10-20 feet when we walk. And my foster mom wonders if my hearing is a bit diminished, but everyone thinks I’m in awesome shape for an older lady.

My adoption fee is $100. If you are looking for an experienced pet who is fully house trained and likes to travel, remember:
“Georgia, Georgia
The whole day through
This old sweet song
Keeps Georgia on my mind”