Adoption Pending :)
Puppies less than 16 weeks old cannot be placed in apartment complexes as they cannot go out in communal areas until about 10 days after their last vaccine at 16 weeks.

Gia's Needs: Hey everyone, this little beauty is Gia. Gia is an 11-week-old, 5½-lb female Chihuahua mix. She is a happy, playful little thing who loves everyone she meets, including other dogs. She is such a little smarty pants! Smarty pants in the sense that she is smart and is learning the ropes really quickly, but also smarty pants in the sense that she's got a little of that Chihuahua sassiness in her. Yep, there's a little bit of Chihuahua "I do what I want" every now and then, but she never gives me much trouble. Maybe she is the last one to walk into the playpen at night to go to bed, but she's busy playing! She more than makes up for her occasional sassiness with lots of apology kisses and cuddles, so it's worth it!

She's doing well with her potty training and will go potty outside when you take her but still has accidents in the house! That is just a puppy thing, and you will have to keep up with her training. Like I said, she's very smart and I don't think it will take much longer for her to be fully potty trained, but that's up to you 🙂

She loves her dry kibble, and is so good about sleeping quietly all night in a crate beside her foster mom's bed. She would be fine as an only dog as she loves people, but she would also do great with another small playmate because she has a lot of puppy energy and plays so well with the other dogs here. She does well with dog-friendly cats.

As with every puppy, it would be a very good idea to take her to some basic obedience classes. Learning commands like sit, stop, and come could save her from running into a dangerous situation. It's so important, and a great bonding experience for you and your puppy!

So if you think this little sugar and spice and everything nice (with maybe just a touch of sassy thrown in) is right for you, go to and fill out an application for Gia. She's up to date on all her age-appropriate shots, and has been spayed and microchipped. Her adoption a fee is $175.