Adoption Pending :) Small Breed Dog Rescue Chihuahua
Gidget needs: Gidget is a 9-year-old, female chihuahua who weighs 12.7 lb. Gentle and kind, she is an absolute love bug, guaranteed to steal your heart if you give her a chance. True to her chihuahua nature, Gidget likes to use her voice. Her tiny body simply cannot contain all of the joy and excitement she has for life. When you pick up the leash, or return from being away, she will shout jubilee, and out on walks she will holler warm hellos to passing 2 and 4 legged friends. Inside a quiet home however she can relax her voice with only the occasional announcement of the mail man etc. With consistent training she can certainly learn to shout for joy less frequently, and quiet more quickly, though she will never be a silent gal. For this reason she is not a good candidate for apartment living or attached housing.

She gets along well with other small dogs and cats. Gidget has lived with other dog companions for most of her life and would enjoy a fur-sibling to keep her company when you are away, but can be happy as an only pup if you have ample time to snuggle. She can be a little bit shy when meeting new people, but warms up very quickly once they give her a little pet. House training is going fantastic when she is let out 4-5 times a day. In a securely fenced yard she enjoys a good romp, roll in the grass, and to lie in the sun. Short walks are a favorite and she does very well on a leash.

When she is told it’s time for bed she will go straight to her crate in the bedroom on her own, though she would certainly prefer to be snuggled up under the blankets on the bed right next to her people. In fact under a blanket near her people is her favorite place anytime, especially when it’s time to sit on the couch in the evening. If you are busy doing other things around the house, Gidget will tuck herself under a blanket and nap quietly.

Gidget is on a diet and trying to lose about 4 lbs. She is currently on Science Diet Perfect Weight (this can be found at most pet stores) and her portions are being measured. She would need to continue this diet in her forever home in order to get to a healthy weight so she can live her best longest life.

Gidget is conflicted and while she loves an adventure, unfortunately she does not enjoy a car ride. She gets quite anxious and will shake and cry the entire trip, but the little sweetheart is apparently both brave and hopeful because when you open the car door she will jump right in. A bit of trazodone and a copilot to snuggle her can help. Trips to the Vet are particularly difficult. She recently sang a very unhappy song while getting her nails trimmed and a blood draw (she did not bite, she just protested dramatically) however that was before we had tried trazodone for stressful situations and hopefully the next trip will go smoother. During her exam, she was found to have a grade 3 luxating patella on her right hind leg. It is currently not causing any issues, but this is another reason to get her weight down and avoid additional stress on that knee. Poor Gidget had pretty bad dental disease and needed 18 teeth extracted, she only has 12 left, but that doesn’t stop her from loving a meal or an occasional heathy treat!

Gidget is spayed, current on her vaccines as well as heartworm/flea prevention and is microchipped. She will do best in a home with adults and children over 8 years and with someone who is home most of the day. Her adoption fee is $100.

Small Dog Rescue Wagging Her tail