Adoption Pending :)
Gumby needs: Introducing Gumby, a male 12-yr-old Chihuahua weighing in at about 6 lbs! I’m a charming chocolate guy with white socks and collar and a bit of baldness on my back due to fleas from my former home, but new fur is growing in quickly. My smile is priceless.

My foster mom calls me a Miracle Boy because when my previous owner died, I was taken to a local vet to be euthanized, but the people thought it was not my time to go so I was surrendered to the Angels at SBRET who checked me out and decided I just needed some time to grieve and to find a new home. So now it’s time for me to find new peeps who will love me as much as my foster mom does (and everyone who’s met me along the way on this new part of my life!).

My foster mom thinks I’m remarkable…I walk perfectly on a leash, I eat my meals and treats (dry kibble is just fine for my 4 teeth), I can stay in a crate if needed, I take a bath like a champ, ride in the car, get along with everyone I’ve met (everyone loves me!), and LOVE to play with interactive dog puzzles! I can just zip through those quickly because I’m SMART!

I know I seem perfect, but, hey, nobody is perfect! So I have to confess that my previous owner might have spoiled me a little (probably because of my irresistible smile). I was probably held a lot, had my owner all to myself, and stayed with adoring peeps most of the time. So I’m a bit of a needy-type guy….I want to be with my owner all the time, know where he/she is, and in general, just be a little shadow! I was also probably an only dog (hey, that means ALL the attention just for me!).

What does that mean for my new home? I’d be happy as an only dog with an adoring owner. There’s no way I’d ever get tired of you. But if you did need to leave me for a while, I’d probably whine so apartments wouldn’t be ideal. If I can’t see you when you go into another room, I’d follow if I could or whine some more. I don’t need other animals because I’m just fine being your one-and-only. I also like to show that my new home is mine-all-mine so when I first arrive in a new place, I mark everywhere, and sometimes when I get excited, I still think I’m a hunk and just hump the doggie bed or anything that looks like it needs my attention.

I’ll bet you’re wondering what my foster mom thought when I arrived…well, while she could see how charming and handsome I was, she could also see that some changes had to be made since she has other dogs and cats! Wow, did she ever burst my bubble! She could see I was grieving, but she started a new routine for me. So while I can be an only dog, she wants me to have a fabulous home even if it means there are other pets. Any time I get grumbly with any 4-legged thing in the house, she sits me on the floor and says NO! If I try to run anyone away from her, she sits me off by myself for 5-10 minutes and says NO! Well! Since I’m so smart, it didn’t take me long to figure out the lay of the land! Now I get along with everybody here! At bedtime, I would love to sleep in her bed, but since there are other dogs sleeping there, I have my own lovely cushy pad and luxurious blankie right beside her bed. And when I marked and marked and marked…she puts a belly-band on me and does pretty much the same routine…plus many, many, many trips to potty outside where she brags on me EVERY time I potty! Over time, I started marking less and less. She’s so darn stubborn, and now she tells me my new owner is going to do the same thing! Can you believe that! She’s looking for someone who will keep me on the right path too! So a supply of belly-bands would really make me a success! Thankfully, I’m willing to cooperate so if my new home will give me a chance to transition, she thinks I will be loved and adored once again. Honestly, though, she says they will have to give me some time and be patient. I promise I’ll be worth it. Like I’ve said over and over, everyone I meet loses their heart to me.

If you have already fallen in love with me, I would love to be yours forever. I’m neutered, had all my vaccines, a heartworm test, flea and heartworm prevention, and microchipped. That’s worth a small fortune, but at $100, I’m a steal…and I WILL steal your heart!