Adoption Area: East Tennessee

Guppy needs: Meet SBRET’s catch of the day – Guppy! We have reeled in this little black-n-tan, 8-pound female Chihuahua mix. She was fished from the pond (aka shelter) and officials are guessing she is around 2 years old. Guppy’s first couple days in her foster home were very scary for her, but she has started to come out of her shell and show her little personality. Her forever home will need to be dog-savvy and have patience to let her adjust to her new home as she can be very jumpy. In typical Chihuahua fashion, once she decides you are her person, you will have a little shadow/trip hazard for life. Being near her person is probably her favourite thing ever, either in their lap, snuggled on the couch or a nearby dog bed. She has taught herself that “bedtime” meant go to her crate, where she sleeps quietly all thru the night. But given half a chance she would LOVE to sleep with her person. Guppy also stays in a crate when foster mom is gone, but can get very vocal about being left behind, so not ideal for apartment living. When you come home, you are greeted with the same high-pitched squeaks she used to tell the neighbors you had forgotten her.

While the first couple days of leash training looked like a fish on the line, Guppy’s leash skills have improved drastically. She now trots along smartly behind her person for walks and hikes. Your walk may be accompanied by her little squeak sounds begging for attention (or to be carried! But her legs work fine and the walks are good for her.) Daily walks help keep her regular; her housetraining has been good with 2-3 trips out a day. This little minnow is reactive to big dogs, barking at them on walks and she gets overly protective of her space around them. So no big dog siblings in her future. Her forever home could have another small dog tho; Guppy and one of her 15lbs foster siblings love racing in the fenced yard and taking breaks to chew on sticks in the sunshine. She’s also met a couple cats and been very respectful of them.

Guppy did come into foster with an infected dry eye. That infection has cleared up with medication, but she will need a lifetime of 2x daily drops to help tear production and prevent another infection.

Guppy’s ideal home would be someone with the patience to put slack in the line and let her come to you. Long walks and adventures outside are great bonding time with her person, and another friendly small dog sibling would help her adjust. Guppy is already spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, and up to date on heartworm and flea/tick prevention. Her adoption fee is $175. If you have been angling for a lifetime shadow, cast out your line (fill out an application) and be prepared to fall for this little Guppy – hook, line, and sinker! Adoption application can be filled out at