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Puppies less than 16 weeks old cannot be placed in apartment complexes as they cannot go out in communal areas until about 10 days after their last vaccine at 16 weeks.

Adoption Area: Knoxville/East Tennessee

Hollywood needs: Hello from handsome Hollywood! Hollywood is a 9-week-old, 5.5 lb male Poodle mix who is full of fun and personality! We didn't meet the dad, but he doesn't look much like his poodle mix mom, so we are guessing he's a daddy's boy. He will probably be about 20 pounds as an adult – but that is just a guess! Sweet, affectionate little guy who loves everyone he meets. He would be great with other dogs in the house as long as they are friendly and playful. He has never met a cat, so that's an unknown for him. As with most puppies, he would not do well with small children because he is teething, and will continue to do so until he loses his sharp puppy teeth at about 4 months.

Hollywood is an easygoing, agreeable little guy who's happy playing outside or inside. He sleeps quietly in his own little crate by your bed at night, and will usually sleep all night as long as you take him for a potty break right before bed and let him out first thing in the morning. He's doing well with his potty training. He knows to run to the back door as soon as the door to his crate opens, or he will use potty pads in the house if we are not outside. But, he is a puppy, and he still has plenty of accidents, so the potty training is a work in progress. How much longer it will take before he's fully potty trained is up to you. All depends on how much time you spend with him and how hard you work on it. But he's a smart little boy, and with patience and consistency, I bet you he figures out the whole potty training thing in no time at all!

He's a good little eater who eats dry kibble which makes feeding time easy.

Hollywood is looking for someone who is home during the day and has the time and energy to play with an active puppy! No couch potatoes for this little bundle of fun!

If you think Hollywood is a good match for you, and you are a good match for him, get in your application quick before a scouting agent spots him and swoops him off to be in the next big blockbuster!

His adoption fee is $175, and he is neutered, microchipped, and up-to-date on his shots.