Adoption Pending :)
Adoption Area: East Tennessee

Homer needs: My name is Homer and I ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog – an easygoing 27-pound beagle boy who is 5 to 7 years old. I came to SBRET from a local shelter and had a badly injured right rear leg that could not be repaired and had to be amputated. I’m recovering from heartworm treatment and will need to be retested in March. You’ll also have to pay attention to my beagley ears: they can sometimes get dirty and yucky, but an ear wash or ear drops will take care of things.

I get along with other dogs and with children, and I wag my tail when any person talks to or pays attention to me – and when it’s dinnertime! I’m doing a good job with housetraining; you just need to give me plenty of time to do my business outside, please.

I can be a bit skittish with loud noises, fast movements or new situations, but I settle down quickly once you reassure me everything is okay. I love, love walks outside and will stay right with you when on a leash (unless my nose takes me somewhere else – remember, I’m a beagle). If a house door is open I may make a dash for it just so I can go outside (my foster mom is trying to teach me the word “stay”). Don’t let my three legs fool you: I can move pretty fast when I want to, and if I had a secure, fenced area I’d enjoy running around and sniffing stuff! And while I’m probably not up to challenging hikes with you, I do like long walks and time spent outdoors.

I ride well in the car and don’t mind a crate or ex-pen; in fact, sometimes I seek out tight-fitting spaces and dog beds. At night I sleep quietly in an ex-pen in my foster parents’ room, and, well, I nap a lot during the day too (hope you don’t mind a little snoring). I’ve been known to knock over trash cans and potted plants (remember the nose), but really I’m a good boy who just likes to know where you are and stay close by.

If you are looking for an energetic, playful pup, I am not your guy. But if you are seeking a brown-eyed loyal buddy who will love you forever for scratching his head and rubbing his ears, then let’s get together! I am up to date on my vaccines and heartworm and flea prevention. I’m neutered and microchipped, and my adoption fee is $175.