Jack needs: Hi! My name is Jack! I’m an always smiling 9½-month-old 12-pound Chinese Crested Powder Puff! I came to SBRET as an owner surrender. My foster mom says I’m okay though because I’m still always smiling! Aren’t I the cutest little teddy bear?!?!

I’m looking for an owner that wants a very loyal good boy as a companion and also likes tons of cuddles and kisses! Could that be you? I need a patient and active adult (no children) dog-savvy home! My foster mom doesn’t think I got out much so everything is a new experience for me. Plus side is I love exploring! I might be scared for a second or bark BUT it’s just because I’m a puppy and I will learn quickly if given a chance! I just need the right owner to help me with my socializing skills! I love to play and love being included, so having another pup in the house would be a great idea to show me the ropes, like my foster sisters (a kitty and pup), but if not I’m totally fine being the center of attention.

Speaking of attention, my foster mom says I will win an academy award one day because I am a dramatic little boy! I had a small incident when I first came to her and I would cry when I would go #2, turns out I had a little rash on my backside from not being well-groomed. All is fine now! I will need regular grooming to avoid anything like this in the future, but also to keep my fur very soft!

Don’t be fooled by my over exaggerations, everything is still new and new things can be scary! I tend to bark or whine when I’m unsure of who or what’s going on, so I would not be good for an apartment. I tried being left in a crate and I thought I was going to die! I do really well and prefer to be left in a gated room for a few hours and even overnight. I whine for a few moments and then stop. I am quickly learning that not everything is the end of the world and I’m doing much better!

I LOVE to cuddle and get pets behind my ears. I even perch on my foster mom’s shoulder and look over the couch while she watches TV. I also love perching myself on the arm of the sofa! I will always be near you just to make sure I will be getting all the pats and treats. I love sitting on laps and love being near the action. Once potty trained, I’m sure I will make a great cuddle bug in the bed, if that’s what you want!

When it comes to my potty training and leash walking ability, again I don’t think I was taken out very much or often. I’m working really hard on my training so I would need someone home part of the day to help me keep consistent and take me out every 1-2 hours until I learn. I did have accidents in the house when I first came to my foster’s and have been wearing a belly band and doing great with it. I know I was neutered, but I do try to mark especially in a new place. So until I learn not to I may need a belly band around your house too! I am a fast learner and treat motivated! I have been learning how to sit and react to my name when called with a clicker. My leash walking has also improved a bunch and that’s thanks to my foster sister. I have the cutest little bounce when I walk and will turn around and smile at you! I love going outside and love walking!

I do have a small quirk, when it comes to paper and socks—they are mine and mine alone. I will however trade it with you for a treat. This is why I shouldn’t be alone when around kids. My foster mom never knows when I’ll be greedy but she noticed it’s just with paper and socks. I am working really hard on it though! I am not like this with my other toys especially with my foster sister and sharing her toys. I also make up for it by smiling my cute little smile!

All and all I’m a very good sweet boy and would love to be your new pup and lap dog! I am neutered and current on my vaccines and preventions and am microchipped. My adoption fee is $175.